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Vimala Srinivas Scholarship

Vimala Srinivas Scholarship

Vimala Srinivas Scholarship was instituted in the year 2019 and is open to all B.Tech students. The scholarship amount is Rs. 1 lakh per student per year and is awarded to one B.Tech student every year in order to support internships (international or domestic), special projects and opportunities, financial needs, etc. B.Tech students with a minimum CPI of 6.5 are eligible.

Sai Chowdary Gullapally is a B.Tech alumnus of Class of 2016 with a major in Electrical Engineering. He has done his Masters in Intelligent Systems, Robotics and Controls from ECE Department of University of California San Diego. He currently works with an AI and Healthcare startup, PathAI in Boston as a Machine Learning Engineer. The Vimala Srinivas Scholarship at IIT Gandhinagar is set up by Sai Chowdary Gullapally in honor of his parents. The scholarship of Rs. 1 lakh per year is to support the undergraduate students for international internships, projects and other needs. This was the first-such scholarship at IITGN set up by a single alumnus.

Meet the Recipients

Past Recipient

Shaandili Vajpai | BTech Mechanical Engineering

Thakar Devanshu Nilesh | B.Tech Chemical Engineering

Solanki Soham Pratik | B.Tech Chemical Engineering

Chinmay Kulkarni | B.Tech Civil Engineering

Instituted By

Mr. Sai Chowdary

Amount of Scholarship per Year

Rs. 1 Lakh

Number of Scholarships

01 per year


B.Tech students with a minimum CPI of 6.5