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MTech Programmes


The MTech programme at IITGN consists of coursework as well as a project/thesis. The coursework is broad-based to provide knowledge in the field a student wishes to pursue. The project serves to engage and train students to inculcate in them the abilities for independent thinking, and to integrate knowledge towards the solution of R&D problems.

Students have a lot of flexibility in designing their academic path and can carry out their research even outside their immediate discipline or even in industry, all while developing an insight and perspective that is geared towards pushing the boundaries of knowledge. The programme aims at graduating well-rounded engineers ready to pursue leadership careers in R&D, teaching or industry.


The institute currently offers MTech degrees in 10 disciplines:

  • ❑ Biological Engineering
  • ❑ Chemical Engineering
  • ❑ Civil Engineering
  • ❑ Computer Science & Engineering
  • ❑ Artificial Intelligence
  • ❑ Earth System Science
  • ❑ Electrical Engineering
  • ❑ Integrated Circuit Design & Technology
  • ❑ Mechanical Engineering
  • ❑ Materials Engineering


Program Requirements

Students will require 32-48 credits of course work, 32-48 credits of thesis and 2 credits of postgraduate orientation programme Aarohan. The course work will consist of the following components:

  • ❑ A 4-credit Writing course

  • ❑ In addition to this, at least 4 credits will have to be earned through Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) courses.

  • ❑ Students must take at least 8 credits of electives inside or outside the discipline. The choice of elective courses will be the student’s discretion, but must be taken in consultation with the faculty advisor.

  • ❑ Students must take at least 16 credits of courses specified by the discipline.

  • ❑ Students joining the MTech programme (from semester – I, 2021-22 onwards) must complete two Physical Education (PE) courses, one each in their first two semesters, as part of their graduation requirements. These courses will be evaluated on a Pass/No Pass grade basis.

  • ❑ Completing PG Orientation Programme Aarohan (2 Credits) is a mandatory graduation requirement for all MTech students. It is a two-week long programme that all the newly joined students are expected to successfully complete before they commence the first semester in their academic programme.


Focus Areas

The different focus areas for research in the various MTech programmes are:

  • ❑ MTech - Biological Engineering
    • Biological Sciences & Engineering

  • ❑ MTech - Chemical Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering

  • ❑ MTech - Civil Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Geotechnical Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Transportation Engineering
    • Water Resources Engineering

  • ❑ MTech - Computer Science & Engineering
    • Computer Systems
    • Theoretical Computer Science
    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • ❑ MTech - Artificial Intelligence
    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • ❑ MTech - Earth System Science
    • Earth System Science

  • ❑ MTech - Electrical Engineering [For more information, please visit the discipline website.]
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Power Engineering & Control Systems
    • Signal Processing & Machine Learning

  • ❑ MTech - Integrated Circuit Design & Technology [For more information, please visit the discipline website.]
    • Intergrated Circuit Design & Technology

  • ❑ MTech - Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering

  • ❑ MTech - Materials Engineering
    • Materials Engineering


Academic Performance Requirements

  • ❑ There will be no maximum permissible duration to complete the requirements of the programme. However, at any time, credits earned older than eight years will be deemed expired and will not count towards the graduation requirements. After 7 semesters, a request from the student is needed to extend the programme on a semester by semester basis.

  • ❑ In case the CPI of a student falls below 6.0 out of 10, the fellowship provided, if any, by the Institute will be stopped immediately and for the future.

  • ❑ If a student accumulates F grades in more than 20 credits of thesis units any time during their MTech programme, the student will have to exit the programme.