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Lakshmi Vadali Excellence Scholarship

Lakshmi Vadali Excellence Scholarship

Lakshmi Vadali Excellence Scholarship has been instituted in the year 2021 by Mrs Lakshmi Vadali and Mr Kishore Konteti. The main objective is to award excellence scholarship to the top-ranking female student admitted to B.Tech program at IIT Gandhinagar and in need of financial support to pursue the program. The scholarship amount is Rs. 1.00 Lakh per year and the recipient female student continues to get the scholarship support till completion of her B.Tech Program at IIT Gandhinagar. The annual parental income of the female student from all sources should not exceed Rs. 9 lakhs per annum and continuation of the scholarship in the subsequent years is subject to obtaining a minimum CPI of 7.0.

Mrs Lakshrni Vadali and Mr Kishore Konteti, both born and brought up in India, emigrated to United Kingdom more than 2 decades ago. Lakshmi Vadali completed her Post Graduate Certificate in Education at the University of Greenwich and joined the education establishment as a teacher of Mathematics. Lakshmi Vadali is currently an Assistant Principal at a large Comprehensive public school in Suffolk, England. She has been a passionate Mathematics teacher, Director of Mathematics, and a Governor of two secondary schools in the areas. Lakshmi Vadali believes in education for all and spends considerable time shaping the school policies for the betterment of student progression.

Kishore Konteti, an Engineer by qualification, having completed his master's in engineering from Guindy College of Engineering, Chennai, now works as a Solution Architect for a large Technology Company in London. This scholarship is instituted jointly with his wife, Lakshmi Vadali, and in her name.

Meet the Recipients

Current Recipients (AY 2023-24)

Raiyani Vedanshi Sanjay | BTech Computer Science & Engineering

Past Recipients

Raiyani Vedanshi Sanjay | BTech Computer Science & Engineering

Ishva Patel | B. Tech Mechanical Engineering

Instituted By

Mrs. Lakshmi Vadali and Mr Kishore Konteti

Amount of Scholarship per Year

Rs. 1 Lakh

Number of Scholarships



First year top ranking female UG Student whose API is not more than 9.00 Lakhs