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Kutch Scholarship

Kutch Scholarship

Kutch Scholarship has been instituted in the year 2021 and is open to all B.Tech students. The scholarship amount is Rs. 1 lakh per student per year and is awarded to one B.Tech student every year in order to support internships (international or domestic), special projects and opportunities, financial needs, etc. B.Tech students with a minimum CPI of 6.5 are eligible.

Meet the Recipients

Current Recipients (AY 2023-2024)

Kishan Manish Ved | BTech Computer Science and Engineering

Past Recipients

Aman Chaudhary | B Tech Civil Engineering

Vyawahare Saurabh Nilesh | B.Tech Materials Engineering

Instituted By

A friend and well wisher of IIT Gandhinagar

Amount of Scholarship per Year

Rs. 1 Lakh

Number of Scholarships



B.Tech students with a minimum CPI of 6.5 are eligible