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Dharmnath Prasad Scholarship

Dharmnath Prasad Scholarship

Dharmnath Prasad Scholarship has been instituted in the year 2024 by Mr Rahul Srivastava, and is open to all UG (BTech) students.The scholarship amount is Rs. 1 lakh per student per year and is awarded to one UG (BTech) student every year in order to support internships (international or domestic), special projects and opportunities, financial needs, etc. UG (BTech) students with a minimum CPI of 6.5 are eligible.

Mr Rahul Srivastava is a Biochemical Engineer with post graduation in Finance and IT management, has over 25 years of experience in the Life Sciences/Healthcare sector. Rooted in Mumbai since the outset of his career, Rahul is the son of Shri L P Srivastava, former Advisor (Works) at IIT Gandhinagar and Additional Director General at CPWD, Government of India.The Dharmnath Prasad Scholarship has been instituted by him in honour of his late grandfather, Shri Dharmnath Prasad. This scholarship pays homage to Rahul’s beloved grandfather, a pioneering figure from a small village in western Bihar. Despite never meeting him in person, Rahul seeks to perpetuate his grandfather’s legacy and values. Shri Dharmnath Prasad, hailed as a local pioneer, was the first science graduate in his village in western Bihar, embarking on a teaching career before delving into Electronics during the 1940s and 50s. Venturing into uncharted territory, he embraced a career path that few attempted during those times, distinguishing himself through his unique and unconventional professional choices. His enterprising spirit prompted a move to Mumbai, where he left an indelible mark through his work. Notably, people still remember him as the first to introduce the gramophone to his village. Through the Dharmnath Prasad Scholarship, Rahul commemorates his grandfather’s pioneering journey, honouring his commitment to education and forward-thinking ethos. The scholarship of Rs. 1 Lakh per year would support the undergraduate students for their financial needs, funding internships (international or domestic), or special projects and opportunities, etc.

Instituted By

Mr. Rahul Srivastava

Amount of Scholarship per Year

Rs. 1 Lakh

Number of Scholarships



UG (BTech) students with a minimum CPI of 6.5 are eligible.