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Tarun Kumar Agarwal

Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering

  • BTech: AMU, Aligarh, 2008
  • MTech: IIT Delhi, 2010
  • PhD: KU Leuven, 2018

Email: tagarwal -AT- iitgn.ac.in

Website : https://sites.google.com/iitgn.ac.in/mdcl/home

Office: 13/327 A

  • Selected Publications

    1. T. Agarwal, B. Soree, I. Radu, P. Raghavan, G. Iannaccone, G. Fiori, W. Dehaene and M. Heyns, “MaterialDevice-Circuit Co-optimization of 2D Material based FETs for Ultra-Scaled Technology Nodes,” Scientific Reports, vol. 7, no. 5016, pp. 1-7, Jul. 2017. (Impact factor: 4.525)

    2. T. Agarwal, M. Rau, I. Radu, M. Luisier, W. Dehaene and M. Heyns, “Performance Comparison of s-Si, In0.53Ga0.47As, Monolayer BP- and WS2 -Based n-MOSFETs for Future Technology Nodes–Part II: Circuit-Level Comparison,” IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, vol. 66, no. 8, pp. 3614-3619, Aug. 2019. (Impact factor: 2.704)

    3. T. Agarwal, G. Fiori, B. Soree, I. Radu, M. Heyns and W. Dehaene, “Material-Device-Circuit Co-design of 2D Materials based Lateral Tunnel FETs,” IEEE Journal of the Electron Devices Society, vol. 6, pp. 979-986, Apr. 2018. (Impact factor: 2.0)

  • Work Experience

    • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute Of Technology Gandhinagar (Apr 2021 to present)
    • Postdoctoral Researcher, ETH Zurich (Aug 2018 - Apr 2021)
    • Component Design Engineer, Intel Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. (Jul 2010 - Jun 2012)