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Sairam Swaroop Mallajosyula


Sairam Swaroop Mallajosyula

Associate Professor, Chemistry

  • BSc: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Andhra Pradesh, 2002
  • MSc: Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Andhra Pradesh, 2004
  • PhD: Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, 2009

Email: msairam -AT- iitgn.ac.in

Website : https://sites.google.com/iitgn.ac.in/sairamlab/home

Office: AB 4/324
VOIP: 2459

  • Selected Publications

    1. Hemanth, H.; Mewada, R.; Mallajosyula, S. S., Capturing Charge and Size Effects of Ions at the Graphene- Electrolyte Interface Using Polarizable Force Field Simulations. Nanoscale Advances 2023, 5, 796-804.

      Article selected in 2023 Popular Advances collection Nanoscale Advances Popular Advances Collection 2023.

    2. Chythra, J. N.; Mallajosyula, S. S., Impact of Polarization on the Ring Puckering Dynamics of Hexose Monosaccharides. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 2023, 63 (1), 208-223.

    3. Hemanth, H.; Yadav, P. K.; Mallajosyula, S. S., Capturing Concentration-Induced Aggregation of Nucleobases on a Graphene Surface through Polarizable Force Field Simulations. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2022, 126 (31), 13122-13131.

    4. Rani, L.; Arora, A.; Majhi, S.; Mishra, A.; Mallajosyula, S. S., Experimental and Simulation Studies Reveal Mechanism of Action of Human Defensin Derivatives. BBA-Biomembranes 2022, 1864 (2), 183824.

    5. Rani, L.; Mallajosyula, S. S., Phosphorylation-Induced Structural Reorganization in Tau-Paired Helical Filaments. ACS Chemical Neuroscience 2021, 12 (9), 1621-1631.

    6. Haridas, H.; Mallajosyula, S. S., Polarization influences the evolution of nucleobase–graphene interactions. Nanoscale 2021, 13 (7), 4060-4072.

  • Work Experience

    • Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (Nov 2021 to present)
    • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (Dec 2013 - Nov 2021)
    • Postdoctoral Fellow, Computer-Aided Drug Design Center, School of Pharmacy, University of Maryland, Baltimore (May 2009 - Dec 2013)