Scholarship for Excellence in Arts & Culture

Scholarship for Excellence in Arts & Culture

With an objective towards promoting excellence in arts and cultural activities, every year two scholarships are available to UG students of second, third and fourth year, wherein each recipient is awarded ₹ 2,000 per month for ten months. However, if the awardee is also recipient of any scholarship of equal or higher value, then he/she is eligible only for a one-time receipt of ₹ 5000.

Meet the Recipients

Current recipients (AY 2021-2022)

Janvi Vinodkumar Thakkar | B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
Palak Purohit | B.Tech Electrical Engineering

Past recipients

Khot Krutarth Hemant | B.Tech Materials Science and Engineering
Aishna Agarwal | B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering

Anushikha | B.Tech Material Science & Engineering
Ratul Chakraborty | B.Tech Material Science & Engineering

Sakhalikar Pushpakraj Shyamappa | B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
Suyash Patidar | B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

Nishanth | B.Tech Civil Engineering
Rishabh Jain | B.Tech Civil Engineering

Instituted By

IIT Gandhinagar

Amount of Scholarship per Year

2,000 per month (10 months)

Number of Scholarships



All UG students (Except 1st year)