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Notification We are currently accepting applications from international students for Post Graduate Programs.

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International Students

IIT Gandhinagar welcomes international students to study and perform cutting-edge research, to attend courses or to undertake internships or project study. IITGN’s international education programs reflect the institute’s vision and commitment to providing high quality education without geographical boundaries, enhancing the diversity of its student body and forming strategic partnerships around the world.

International students may apply to degree-granting post-graduate programs across several disciplines. Non-degree granting programs are open at all levels. Undergraduate degree-granting programs are currently not offered.

This webpage provides information for international students contemplating full-time post-graduate education or non-degree programs at IIT Gandhinagar. Foreign citizens may apply through this page. Indian passport holders (regardless of country of residence), persons of Indian origin and overseas citizens of India should apply through the regular admission process.

International Student Handbook

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Application Deadline: May 31, 2021

  • Why IITGN?

    Why IITGN?

    IIT Gandhinagar is a dynamic academic institution with a vision to become a leading provider of a well-rounded, world-class education. Our principles dictate that we provide an enabling environment for nurturing critical and creative minds, and propel them to greater heights of excellence in their pursuits. It is with that objective in mind, that we have structured our academic programs, our research initiatives and our partnerships with industry and other academic institutions around the world.

    We provide an education that is free of rigid disciplinary boundaries and where minds can truly wander and wonder without being confined to the limits of traditional schools of thought. We place a tremendous emphasis on innovation, and strive to inculcate cutting edge and unprecedented strategies into our curricular as well as extra-curricular activities. We are home to some of the best faculty in India, and our growing student body is vibrant and diverse. We aspire to become one of the top destinations in India for top quality education and cutting edge research. We invite you to be a part of this exciting journey.

  • Programs


    International students can earn their post-graduate degrees (Master’s and/or Ph.D.) at IIT Gandhinagar. In addition IIT Gandhinagar offers part-time non-degree programs for international undergraduate or post-graduate students.

    1. Master’s Degree Programs

    International students can study for a Master’s degree from IIT Gandhinagar. Master’s programs are presently offered in:

    • M.Tech In:

      1. Biological Engineering
      2. Chemical Engineering
      3. Civil Engineering
      4. Computer Science and Engineering
      5. Earth System Science
      6. Electrical Engineering
      7. Materials Engineering
      8. Mechanical Engineering

    • M.Sc. In:

      1. Physics
      2. Chemistry
      3. Mathematics
      4. Cognitive Science

    • M.A. in:

      1. Society and Culture

    • 2. Ph.D.Degree Programs

      International students can study for a Master’s degree from IIT Gandhinagar. Master’s programs are presently offered in:

    • Ph.D.Degree Programs
      1. Biological Engineering
      2. Chemical Engineering
      3. Chemistry
      4. Civil Engineering
      5. Cognitive Science
      6. Computer Science and Engineering
      7. Earth Sciences
      8. Electrical Engineering
      9. English
      10. Materials Engineering
      11. Mathematics
      12. Mechanical Engineering
      13. Philosophy
      14. Physics
      15. Political Science
      16. Psychology
      17. Social Epidemiology
      18. Sociology
      19. South Asian Studies
      20. Ancient and Medieval India

      General information about the PhD program and its requirements can be found here

    • 3. Non-Degree Programs

    • Non-Degree Programs

      International undergraduate and graduate students can take courses, undertake projects or participate in internship opportunities at IIT Gandhinagar. Such experiences do not lead to a degree from IIT Gandhinagar, but are intended to enrich and diversify a student’s academic experience through exposure to a variety of courses and research opportunities. For example, a student may spend a full semester at the Institute (taking five courses or equivalent), simply attend a single course, undertake a short-duration project with a particular faculty member, or participate in a summer internship at the institute. International students are welcomed for such activities and their participation is highly encouraged.

      Please see details about the non-degree programs here For any additional information about non-degree programs please email academics@iitgn.ac.in.

  • Cost

    One-time admission fee: $500
    Security deposit: INR 5000
    (To be refunded upon graduation)

    Costs per semester

    For students from SAARC countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.)

    Tuition Fee: $1000

    Other costs (includes food, accommodation, laundry and misc): 42,500 INR (approximately)

    For students from Non-SAARC countries

    Tuition Fee: $2000

    Other costs (includes food, accommodation, laundry and misc): 42,500 INR (approximately)


    1) IIT Gandhinagar provides scholarships to deserving students on a case by case basis.
    2) Study in India
    3) Indian Council for Cultural Relations

    India is known as education hub attracting international students from all over the world. Indian’s diversity and vibrant history tender a broad range of options for students. With access both to such rich and divert as well as a rapidly growing country on the cutting edge of the technological revolution, studying in India has much to offer, whether an applicant interests Engineering, Computers, Philosophy, Politics or in Classics, etc.

    Indian Council for Cultural Relations with a mandate of administering scholarship programmes of Government of India annually awards about 3940 scholarship under 26 different schemes to foreign students from about 140 counties. Amongst these twenty 3 schemes, six are funded by ICCR from its’ own grant and others are administered on behalf of MEA and Ministry of Ayush. The courses offered for studies are for under-graduation, post-graduation, and M. Phil /Ph.D. levels. In every academic year, ICCR holds about 6000 + foreign students who are studying at various Central/States University, Institutes, NITs, and Agricultural Institutions, etc

  • Support

    Financial Support

    Students joining the Institute, regardless of the program, can be considered for financial support from the Institute. The fellowship amount depends on the degree being pursued and ranges from 50% – 100% of the costs. These awards are decided on merit and need on a case-to-case basis.

    To apply for financial assistance, please email the Dean of Academic Affairs (academics@iitgn.ac.in) with a brief statement of financial need.


    1. ICCR Scholarship (Government of India)

    Applicants wishing to apply under this scholarship scheme need to apply through the Indian High Commission/Embassy in their country of residence. This application will then be sent to the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), which will forward the application to IIT Gandhinagar for further review and processing. If the applicant is found suitable for admission, an offer letter will be sent via the ICCR office in New Delhi. More details about the various scholarship schemes and relevant forms can be found here.

    We still recommend that you submit our online application form. Please also mention under the “Additional Relevant Information” section of the form that you are applying under the ICCR scheme. Note that only applications received from ICCR will be processed. Your submission of our online application form will be for our records only.

    2. Foreign Government Scholarships

    Application documents for candidates being sponsored by governments of their country of residence can be submitted directly by the candidate or the sponsoring authority. If the applicant is found suitable for admission, an offer letter will be sent to the applicant directly or via the sponsor (as applicable).

    If applying through a sponsoring authority, we still recommend that you submit out our admission form online. Please also mention under “Additional Relevant Information” section of the form that you are applying through a sponsoring authority. In such cases, your submission of the application form will be used for our records only.

  • Application Procedure


    All application forms must be submitted online. If you are applying for more than one discipline, please submit a separate application for each discipline. There is NO application fee. You do NOT have to mail a hard copy of the form.

    Apply Now


    1. You will reach a confirmation page, which will show your application number. Please save the application form pdf for future reference.
    2. After an initial check regarding completeness of your application, your application will be forwarded to the appropriate discipline.
    3. After an internal review, if you are shortlisted, you will be interviewed and/or a test will be administered by a committee via phone or the Internet (Skype).
    4. If you are found suitable for admission, an offer letter will be sent subsequently.
    5. In case of any query, you may write to us at academics@iitgn.ac.in.

  • After Admission


    Students who have secured admission to the part-time non-degree programs or Master’s degree programs (M.Tech, M.Sc. or M.A.) must apply for a Student Visa. Students who have secured admission to the Ph.D. program must apply for a Research Visa.

    Please apply for your visa at your nearest Indian Embassy/Consulate with the offer letter from IIT Gandhinagar and other supporting documents. Please note that while IIT Gandhinagar will provide all the necessary assistance, issuance of a Visa is beyond our control.


    You are required to bring original official transcripts, degree certificates (if available), and other documents about your educational qualifications and experience for verification on the day of joining. In case you have not obtained your degree certificate, you will be required to furnish it within 1 year of joining. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of admission.


    Housing is offered to all students either on campus or in off-campus apartments very close to the Institute.


    The institute provides basic medical care on its campus. However, it is mandatory that all international students carry adequate health insurance that covers medical costs for the entire duration of their stay at IIT Gandhinagar.


    The medium of instruction at IITGN is English. IITGN expects all candidates to have basic proficiency in English.

  • Focus Areas
    • Biological Engineering

      Biological Sciences [Molecular and Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Chemical Biology], Bioengineering [Biomedical Engineering, Rehabilitation technologies, Tissue Engineering], Biotechnology [Nanobiotechnology, Bioinformatics, Protein and DNA Technologies, Bioremediation]

    • Chemical Engineering

      Nanotechnology, Colloids and Interfaces, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Separation Processes, Polymers, Process Control

    • Civil Engineering

      Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Water-Resources Engineering

    • Computer Science and Engineering

      Algorithms, Complexity theory, Machine learning, Data mining, Game theory, Mechanism design, Data science, Cryptography, Network security, Computer vision and graphics, and Computer architecture and systems

    • Earth System Science

      Geomorphology, Water and Environment, Near Earth Surface Processes, Remote Sensing and GIS, Earth System Modelling

    • Electrical Engineering

      Microelectronics, Signal Processing, Fiber Optics, Power Systems, Control Systems, Electrical Machines, VLSI Design, Biomedical Engineering

    • Materials Engineering

      Metallurgy, Nanomaterials, Biomaterials

    • Mechanical Engineering

      Thermal Science and Engineering, Dynamics and Control, Solid Mechanics

  • Current Students
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    • Image
    Name Country Programme Discipline
    Sevgi Demiroglu Turkey MA Humanities and Social Sciences
    Julianna Rex Papua New Guinea M.Tech Earth Sciences
    Dibyadarsi Nepal Nepal M.Tech Biological Engineering
    Hamsathvanie Krishnarajah Sri Lanka M.Tech Mechanical Engineering
    Mayu Shibuya Japan Double Master's Degree Programme Chemical Engineering
    Bukunmi Adewumi Nigeria M.Sc Cognitive Science
    Meketaye Endeshaw Ethiopia M.Tech Chemical Engineering
    Syed Nafiz Hasan Bangladesh M.Tech Electrical Engineering
    Rahul Das Nepal M.Tech Mechanical Engineering
    Sagar Aryal Nepal M.Tech Mechanical Engineering
    Wahidullah Hakim Safi Afghanistan Ph.D Civil Engineering
    Kinley Mehra USA Ph.D Cognitive Science