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IIT Gandhinagar has taken a unique approach to emerge as a leading institution on two fronts, one, its pursuit to establish a holistic, well-rounded, and modern curriculum, and two, its student-centric approach to help establish a nurturing, safe, and vibrant ecosystem for its students.


Students First

IIT Gandhinagar believes that along with a strong foundation in engineering fundamentals, the long-term success of students is determined by a holistic education that promotes overall development beyond the core curriculum. Therefore, we emphasize project-based and hands-on learning, a flexible and broad curriculum, critical thinking, cultivating leadership and communication skills, and provide opportunities to connect with Indian society as well as to learn from international exposure.


Academic Structure

BTechMTechMScMAPhDNon-degree Programmes

IIT Gandhinagar offers 4-year BTech programmes in Artificial Intelligence, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. In addition, students are admitted to the BTech-MTech dual degree programmes in Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

The institute also offers 2-year MSc programmes in Chemistry, Cognitive Science, Mathematics and Physics; a 2-year MA programme in Society and Culture, MTech, PGDIIT and PhD programmes in several disciplines in Engineering, Sciences and Humanities & Social Sciences.

The Institute has introduced a futuristic undergraduate curriculum keeping in mind the urgent need to develop engineers and problem solvers for the 21st century that focuses on the overall development of students. Flexibility is built into the curriculum with a large number of elective courses that students can choose based on their interest, liberal branch change policies, minor programs in various topics including interdisciplinary areas, and large number of short courses offered by guest scholars.

In addition, students can sign up for the Dual Major Programme during their course of study to earn an additional BTech degree in a second branch of their choice. Students can also choose to sign up for the Dual Degree Programme that enables students to get an MTech/MSc/MA degree in a branch of their choice (possibly different from their BTech branch) in addition to the BTech degree within a reasonable duration (again by usually spending an extra year).


Student Life

Students are major stakeholders of educational institutions and IIT Gandhinagar is becoming known for its student-centric approach emphasizing student responsibility and independence and their academic, social and emotional wellbeing. A high level of emphasis is placed on ethics and responsibility.

IITGN prides itself in maintaining a ragging-free campus, and the student body maintains a high level of ethical conduct supported by various initiatives including the student honour code. Along with rigorous academic training, students are encouraged to pursue curricular and extracurricular activities. IITGN is liberal in its outlook, informal in its interactions and uncompromising on its values. The students are encouraged to have convictions and opinions; take decisions and be responsible for it. IITGN ensures that all students have opportunities for holistic development.

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