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Erach and Meheroo Mehta Merit Scholarship

Erach and Meheroo Mehta Merit Scholarship

The Erach and Mehroo Mehta Merit Scholarship was instituted in the year 2019 and is open to the BTech students admitted at IIT Gandhinagar in AY 2019-20, AY 2020-21 and AY 2021-22. The scholarship amount is Rs. 2 lakh per student annually for a period of four years with the total scholarship amount of Rs. 8 Lakhs per student. The scholarship is awarded to the top five students admitted to the BTech program at IITGN and holding a JEE Advanced rank of 1000 or better or having represented India in any recognized international Olympiad. The scholarship is renewed every year subject to satisfactory academic progress {SPI of 8.5 or minimum CPI of 8.00 (with atleast normal academic load and no fail grades)} and is not under any disciplinary sanction.

Mr. Ruyintan (Ron) E. Mehta has been a serial entrepreneur in the plastics industry. Prior to starting Crystal Clear, Inc., in New Jersey, his first startup in plastic blow moulding in 1990, Mr. Mehta was General Manager at Combustion Engineering Environmental (now ABB) and was president of an engineering services company in Flemington, New Jersey, called Andersen Engineering Services. Mr. Mehta is a licensed Professional Chemical Engineer in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, in 1970 and also received master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut (1972) and in engineering administration from the University of Utah (1974). Mr. Mehta is passionate about giving back to the society and is an active supporter of Clean Drinking Water Plants (CDWP) in remote, impoverished villages in India. He has instituted this scholarship in the honor of his departed parents.

Meet the Recipients

Current Recipients

Hitarth Gandhi | B Tech Computer Science & Engineering
Viramgami Gaurav | B Tech Computer Science & Engineering
Lavti Shubh Sunil | B Tech Computer Science & Engineering
Tumati Rohith Kumar Reddy | B Tech Computer Science & Engineering
Bodala Yajurvedh | B Tech Computer Science & Engineering

Instituted By

Mr. Ruyintan (Ron) E. Mehta

Amount of Scholarship per Year

Rs. 2 Lakh

Number of Scholarships

05 per year


BTech program