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Sankha Subhra Bhattacharjee


Sankha Subhra Bhattacharjee

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Electrical Engineering

  • BTech: NIT Agartala, 2015
  • PhD: IIT Gandhinagar, 2020

Email: sankha.bhattacharjee -AT- iitgn.ac.in

Website : https://sites.google.com/iitgn.ac.in/sankha/home

  • Work experience

    • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (2020 to present)

  • Selected Publications

    1. S. S. Bhattacharjee, K. Kumar and N. V. George, “Nearest Kronecker Product Decomposition based Generalized Maximum Correntropy and Generalized Hyperbolic Secant Robust Adaptive Filters,” IEEE Signal Processing Letters, DOI: 10.1109/LSP.2020.3017106, In Press, 2020.

    2. S. S. Bhattacharjee and N. V. George, "Nonlinear System Identification using Exact and Approximate Improved Adaptive Exponential Functional Link Networks," IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, DOI: 10.1109/TCSII.2020.2983128, In Press, 2020.

    3. V. Patel, S. S. Bhattacharjee, and N. V. George, “Convergence Analysis of Adaptive Exponential Functional Link Network,” IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, DOI: 10.1109/TNNLS.2020.2979688, In Press, 2020.

    4. S. S. Bhattacharjee, D. Ray and N. V. George, “Adaptive Modified Versoria Zero Attraction Least Mean Square Algorithms,” IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, DOI: 10.1109/TCSII.2020.2999886, In Press, 2020.

    5. A. Gotmare, S. S. Bhattacharjee, R. Patidar, and N. V. George, "Swarm and evolutionary computing algorithms for system identification and filter design: A comprehensive review", Swarm and Evolutionary Computation, 32:68 84, 2017.

    6. S. S. Bhattacharjee, and N. V. George, “Nearest Kronecker product decomposition based normalized least mean square algorithm,” in ICASSP 2020-2020 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Barcelona, Spain, 2020, pp. 476-480, DOI:\ 10.1109/ICASSP40776.2020.9053421.