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Ankit Kumar


Ankit Kumar

Post Doctoral Fellow, Chemical Engineering

  • B.Tech: Chemical Engineering, U.I.E.T, C.S.J. M. University 2007
  • M.Tech: Chemical Engineering, Harcourt Butler Technological University, 2010
  • PhD: Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), 2021

Email: kumarankit -AT- iitgn.ac.in

Website : https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=_21hPvoAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=sra

Office: 5/359

  • Work experience

    • Post Doctoral Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, (Dec 2022 to present)
    • Contractual Faculty, Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped Kanpur (Oct 2020 - Aug 2021 & Sep 2021 - Aug 2022)
    • Assistant Engineer, Central Research facility laboratory Kanpur (Oct 2019 - July 2020)
    • Guest Lecturer, Harcourt Butler Technological University Kanpur (Feb-Jun 2012 & Aug 2012 - May 2013)

  • Selected Publications

    1. Ankit Kumar, J.P. Chakraborty & Rupesh Singh (2016): Bio-oil: the future of hydrogen
      generation, Biofuels Journal, ISSN: 1759-7269.
    2. Kedar Sahoo, Ankit Kumar, and J.P. Chakrabroty, 2020. A comparative study on valuable products: bio-oil, bio-char, non-condensable gases from pyrolysis of agriculture residues. Accepted in Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management. 23 (1), 186-204.
    3. Ankit Kumar, Rupesh Singh, & A. S. K. Sinha, 2019: Catalyst modification strategies
      to enhance the catalyst activity and stability during steam reforming of acetic acid for
      Hydrogen production. Int J Hydrogen Energy 44 (2019) 12983 -13010.
    4. Ankit Kumar, A. S. K. Sinha, 2020: Comparative study of hydrogen production from
      steam reforming of acetic acid over synthesized catalysts via MOF and wet
      impregnation methods. Int J Hydrogen Energy. 45 (2020) 11512 -11526.
    5. Ankit Kumar, A. S. K. Sinha, 2020: Hydrogen production from acetic acid steam
      reforming over nickel based catalyst synthesized via MOF. Int J Hydrogen Energy.45
      (2020) 24397-24411.
    6. Walid Nabgan, Aishah Abdul Jalil, Bahador Nabgan, Muhammad Ikram, Mohamad
      Wijayanuddin Ali, Ankit Kumar, Parashuram Lakshminarayana, 2021: A state of the
      art overview of carbon-based composites applications for detecting and eliminating
      pharmaceuticals containing wastewater. Chemosphere. 2022, 288(2), 132535.
    7. Walid Nabgan, Bahador Nabgan, Anwar-Ul-Hamid, Alberto Coelho, Muhhamad
      Ikram, Laxminarayan Parashuram, Ankit kumar, Arvind H. Jadhav, Hyungseok Nam:
      Synthesis and catalytic properties of CaO obtained from organic ash over TNPs nanocatalysts for biodiesel production from dairy scum: Chemosphere, 2022 290, 133296.
    8. Ankit Kumar, Kumar Vikrant, Sherif A. Younis, Ki Hyun Kim: Tuning of active nickel
      species in MOF-derived nickel catalysts for the control on acetic acid steam reforming
      and hydrogen production, accepted in Int J Hydrogen Energy on 3th Jan 2023.
    9. Pankaj Kumar Yadav, Ankit Kumar*, Satyanand Jaiswal: A critical review of
      technologies for harnessing the power from flowing water using a hydrokinetic turbine
      to fulfill the energy need, accepted in Energy Reports 9 (2023) 2102-2117.

  • Awards

    • Qualified Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) in 2007
    • Awarded MHRD fellowship during the M.Tech Programme (2 years)
    • Awarded MHRD fellowship during the Ph.D. Program (5 years)
    • Obtained International Travel support grant of 1.5 Lakh for Paper presentation at Auburn University,