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Project Isaac Showcase

Clay Studio Workshop

The Project Isaac Showcase will celebrate and showcase the best and most creative work products generated by students during the extended break.

Students are encouraged to dream ambitiously or cultivate/hone new skills in writing, painting, music, coding, creative expression, etc. They are invited to submit their creative products for the Project Isaac Showcase, which will be held when the Institute resumes normal operations. The projects may be in any area, such as:

  1. Fiction, non-fiction or poetry (up to 3,000 words);
  2. Sketch (A3 pen/pencil/crayons etc.), cartoon (A4) or painting (A3 watercolour/acrylic, etc.), digital graphic;
  3. Script for play, screenplay, skit, etc. (up to 3,000 words);
  4. Music, video or other artistic performance (5 mins to 15 mins);
  5. Poster, presentation or elevator pitch for an initiative, project or research idea that demonstrates exceptional novelty or creativity;
  6. Any other form of intellectual or creative expression.

(The above list is illustrative and not exhaustive. Additional examples may be added from time to time. We are open to all interesting and creative ideas.)

To participate, please register here.

Multiple cash prizes ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000


  1. The contest is open to all current IITGN undergraduate, graduate and PhD students.
  2. Entries may be in any language.
  3. Only creative products created between March 15 - June 15 are eligible; earlier creations will not be considered.
  4. Hard/soft copies of the entries should be submitted by June 15, 2020 to project.isaac@iitgn.ac.in
  5. Multiple entries are permissible.
  6. The work product must be presented at the Project Isaac Showcase at IITGN for consideration for prizes.
  7. The decision of the Project Isaac Showcase moderators is final and binding on all participants.