Naming Opportunities at IIT Gandhinagar

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A world-class university requires: concentration of talent, adequate resources, and favorable governance. The Board of Governors of IITGN and the administration are committed to developing a flexible governance structure that empowers the faculty and students to a degree that is unprecedented in Indian academia. The Institute supplements the Government of India grants with substantial philanthropic contributions to recruit and support outstanding faculty and PhD students. Among the programmes that utilize donations for attracting, retaining and empowering the most outstanding faculty, students and staff, are:

  1. Faculty Chairs

    Faculty chairs recognise and reward excellence, and help retain outstanding faculty. Besides an honorarium associated with the Chair, the title lends prestige to the incumbent. It also honours donors by associating their name with the academic achievements of a distinguished academic. An endowment of Rs 120 lakhs (US$180,000) makes possible one chair. The amount may be donated over a period of three years. The Institute may also create “limited time” faculty chairs of 6 years for a donation of Rs 30 lakhs. The endowment provides an honorarium and research grant of Rs 50,000 per month to the recipient. The Chair is open to faculty from any discipline. The endowment for endowing discipline or program specific faculty chairs ranges from Rs 2.0 crores to Rs 3.5 crores ($300,000 to $500,000), depending on the discipline and whether there are existing programmes at the Institute in the area, since such chairs often require additional support and related activities.

  2. Research Fellowship for Outstanding New/Young Faculty

    With a view to attracting the best faculty, our Research Fellowships recognize and reward outstanding new faculty members based on their demonstrated academic credentials. Recipients get a monthly honorarium in addition to their regular salary. An endowment of Rs 60 lakhs (US$90,000) enables the creation of one such fellowship. A donor may contribute the entire corpus in one installment or over a period of three years. Limited-time fellowships may also be established for a Rs 15 lakh commitment for a 6 year fellowship. The endowment provides an honorarium of Rs 25,000 per month to the recipient. The fellowships are open to faculty from any discipline.

  3. Travel Support to Faculty and Students

    Faculty members who participate in international conferences are provided partial travel support through Government grants. The Institute provides additional support ranging from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 3 lakh raised from donations, to faculty members based on excellence in research (publications, sponsored projects and institution building. Similarly, students may receive partial support upto Rs 100,000 to present their work at international conferences.

  4. Overseas Research Experience for PhD Students and Young Faculty

    The Institute encourages PhD scholars to spend a semester at a top research laboratory or Institute in India or overseas. The support of about Rs 9 lakhs (US$13,000) is required per student for overseas placement. Similarly, deserving young faculty members may be provided opportunities to spend a year at an overseas institute.

  5. Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

    The Institute depends on donor funds to offer scholarships to deserving undergraduate students. An endowment of Rs 20 lakhs (US$30,000) supports one such scholarship of Rs 1,00,000 per year.

    Programmes With Naming Opportunities

    Naming of academic entities and infrastructure The Institute has an active program to name select academic entities (such as research centres and laboratories) and infrastructure (such as buildings, hostels, and classrooms) to honour major donors. For more details, please write to

    Faculty Chairs
    (open to all disciplines)

    Endowment Fund for Chair

    Limited Time Chair for 6 years

    • Rs 120 Lakh

    • Rs 30 Lakh

    • US$180,000

    • US$45,000

    Faculty Chairs
    (in specifc area of work)

    Endowment Fund for Chair

    • Rs 2 crore to
       Rs 3.5 crore

    • US$300,000 to

    Research Fellowships for Outstanding New/ Young Faculty

    Endowment Fund for Fellowship

    Limited Time Fellowship for 6 years

    • Rs 60 Lakh

    • Rs 15 Lakh

    • US$90,000

    • US$22,000

    Overseas Research Experience for PhD Students and Young Faculty

    Support for One Faculty (One Time)

    Support for One Student (One Time)

    • Rs 28 Lakh

    • Rs 9 Lakh

    • US$40,000

    • US$13,000

    Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

    Endowment Fund for Scholarship of Rs 100,000 per year

    Limited Time Scholarship of Rs 100,00 per year

    • Rs 20 Lakh

    • Rs 10 Lakh

    • US$30,000

    • US$15,000