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N. Ramakrishnan


N. Ramakrishnan

Visiting Professor, Mechanical Engineering

  • BTech: Kerala University
  • MTech: IIT Bombay
  • PhD: IIT Bombay, 1980

Email: ramkrish -AT- iitgn.ac.in

Office: 6/303
VOIP: 2501

  • Selected Publications

    1. S. Dhanik, S. S. Joshi, N. Ramakrishnan and P. R. Apte, 2005, "Evolution of EDM Process Modeling and Development towards Modeling of Micro-EDM Process," International Journal of Manufacturing Technology and Management, Vol.7, Nos. 2/3/4, pp. 157-180.
    2. U. A. Dabade, S. S. Joshi, N. Ramakrishnan, 2003, "Analysis of Surface Roughness and Chip Cross-sectional Area while Machining with Self-propelled Round Insert Milling Cutters," Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol.132, pp. 305-312.
    3. S. S. Joshi, N. Ramakrishnan and P. Ramakrishnan, 2001, "PCD in the Machining of DRA Composites," Industrial Diamond Review, Vol.61, No. 3, pp. 177-182.
    4. S. S. Joshi, N. Ramakrishnan and P. Ramakrishnan, 2001, "Micro-structural Analysis of Chip formation During Orthogonal Machining of Al/SiCp Composites," Transactions of ASME, Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, Vol.123, pp. 315-321.
    5. S. S. Joshi, N. Ramakrishnan, H. E. Nagarwalla and P. Ramakrishnan, 2001, "Wear of Rotary Carbide Tools in Machining of Al/SiCp Composites," WEAR, Vol.230, pp. 124-132.

  • Work Experience

    • Visiting Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, (Jan 2010 to present)