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Pravinray Gandhi


Pravinray Gandhi

Guest Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Business Development Director, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

  • PhD: University of Notre Dame

  • Selected Publications

    1. T. Z. Fabian, P. D. Gandhi, P. E. Patty, J. T. Chapin, Characterization of Combustion Products under flaming and non-flaming conditions: Smoke Alarm Fire Test Room, 14th International Conference on Automatic Fire Detection, Universitat Duisberg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany (2009).

    2. T.Z. Fabian, P. D. Gandhi and J.T. Chapin, Cable Material Component Effects on Large-Scale Fire Tests: Part 1, Underwriters Laboratories Incorporated, Northbrook, IL, 55th International Wire and Cable Symposium, (2006).

    3. Pravinray D. Gandhi, Kerry Bell, Large-Scale Fire Testing, A Valuable Tool for Storage Facility Protection, PM Engineer, (2005).

    4. Xiaomei Fang, Andrew Bushelman, Paul Neveaux, Rajgopala Subramanian, J. Thomas Chapin, Pravinray D. Gandhi, The Development of an Improved Reference Cable for the NFPA 262/UL 910 Plenum Fire Test, 50th International Wire and Cable Symposium, (2001).

    5. David T. Sheppard, Pravinray D. Gandhi, Richard Lupetow, Understanding Sprinkler Sprays - Trajectory Analysis, 15th UJNR Conference, pp. 281-288, (2000).