G. V. Rao


G. V. Rao

Visiting Professor, Civil Engineering

  • PhD: IISc Bangalore

Email: gvrao -AT- iitgn.ac.in

  • Selected Publications

    1. Venkatappa Rao, G. (2014) Ground Improvement Strategies for Infrastructure Development, SAGES, Hyderabad (ISBN 978-81- 921790-4-9).

    2. Venkatappa Rao, G.et al (2015) Highway Material Testing – A Manual, IK Publishers, New Delhi (ISBN 978-93-82332-65-7).

    3. Venkatappa Rao, G. (2013). Geosynthetics in Railway Track, CBIP Pub. No. 319, New Delhi (ISBN 81-7336-326-9).

    4. Venkatappa Rao, G., Jaswant Kumar, S. and Raju, G.V.S.S, (2012). Earth Reinforcement – Design and Construction, CBIP Pub. No. 314, New Delhi (ISBN 81-7336-321-8).

    5. Venkatappa Rao , G. and Raju, G.V.S.S. (2012).Advances in Geosynthetics, SAGES, Hyderabad (ISBN 978-81-921790-3-2).