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Kabeer Jasuja


Kabeer Jasuja

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

  • BTech: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, 2007
  • PhD: Kansas State University, 2011

Email: kabeer -AT- iitgn.ac.in

Website : http://www.kabeerjasuja.com/

Office: 5/325
VOIP: 2445

  • Work Experience

    • Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar (Oct 2012 to present)
    • Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University (Oct 2011 - Sept 2012)

  • Selected Publications

    1. Saroj Kumar Das, Ramchandra Gawas, Satadru Chakrabarty, Gunda Harini, Rishabh Patidar, and Kabeer Jasuja, An unexpected transformation of organic solvents into 2D fluorescent quantum dots during ultrasonication assisted liquid phase exfoliation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123(41): 25412-25421, 2019.

    2. Rohit Saraswat, Asha Liza James, and Kabeer Jasuja, High yield synthesis of boron-based nanosheets. Advances in Applied Ceramics, 1-8, 2019.

    3. D. Jaya Prasanna Kumar, Sachin Verma, Kabeer Jasuja, and Pratyush Dayal, Tuning the oscillatory dynamics of the Belousove-Zhabotinsky reaction using ruthenium nanoparticle decorated graphene. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 21, 3164, 2019.

    4. Asha Liza James, Shikha Khandelwal, Arnab Dutta, and Kabeer Jasuja, Boron based nanosheets as reducing template in aqueous solution: Towards novel nanohybrids with gold nanoparticles and graphene. Nanoscale, 2018.

    5. Kabeer Jasuja, Kayum Ayinde, Christina L. Wilson, Sanjay K. Behura, Myles A. Ikenberry, David Moore, Keith Hohn, and Vikas Berry, Introduction of protonated sites on exfoliated large area sheets of hexagonal boron nitride. ACS Nano, 12(10): 9931-9939, 2018.

    6. Saroj Kumar Das and Kabeer Jasuja, Chemical exfoliation of layered magnesium boride to yield functionalized nanosheets and nano accordions for potential flame retardant applications. ACS Applied Nanomaterials, 1(4): 1612-1622, 2018.

    7. Gunda, Harini; Das, Saroj Kumar and Jasuja, Kabeer, Simple, green and high-yield production of boron-based nanostructures with diverse morphologies by dissolution and recrystallization of layered magnesium diboride crystals in water, ChemPhysChem, 19(7): 880-891, 2018.

    8. Che, Songwei; Jasuja, Kabeer; Behura, Sanjay K.; Nguyen, Phong; Sreeprasad, T. S. and Berry, Vikas, Retained carrier-mobility and enhanced plasmonic-photovoltaics of graphene via ring-centered ?6 functionalization and nano-interfacing, Nano Letters, 17 (7), 4381-4389, 2017.

    9. Asha Liza. James and Kabeer Jasuja, Chelation Assisted Exfoliation of Layered Borides towards Synthesizing Boron Based Nanosheets, RSC Advances, 7, 1905-1914, 2017.

    10. Saroj Kumar Das, Amita Bedar, Aadithya Kannan and Kabeer Jasuja Aqueous dispersions of few-layer-thick chemically modified magnesium diboride nanosheets by ultrasonication assisted exfoliation, Scientific Reports, 5, 10522, 2015.

    11. Kabeer Jasuja and Vikas Berry, Implantation and Growth of Dendritic Gold Nanostructures on Graphene Derivatives: Electrical-Property-Tailoring and Raman-Enhancement, ACS-Nano, 3 (8), 2358-2366, 2009.

    12. Kabeer Jasuja, Joshua Linn, Steven Melton, and Vikas Berry, Microwave-Reduced Uncapped Metal Nanoparticles on Graphene: Tuning Catalytic, Electrical and Raman Properties, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters,1, 1853-1860, 2010.

    13. Kabeer Jasuja, Arthur Thompson, and Vikas Berry, Reversibly Compressible and Stretchable 'Spring-like' Polymeric Nano-Junctions between Metal Nanoparticles, Small, 4, 2181-2886, 2008.