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Faculty Recruitment - Rolling Advertisement

Our commitment to recruit quality faculty remains unaffected by the current global crisis. We urge outstanding candidates across all disciplines to apply!
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Who Should Apply?

IIT Gandhinagar (IITGN) invites applications for faculty positions in all disciplines. Candidates whose work is interdisciplinary are especially encouraged to apply.

IITGN is looking for applicants with a passion for teaching and demonstrated excellence in research. Successful candidates will be expected to teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses, conduct independent research in their fields of expertise and contribute to Institute service.


Our Pursuit of Excellence

IIT Gandhinagar has embarked on an ambitious journey to become the best educational institute in India and among the best in the world. The institute promotes critical thinking and encourages innovations. We have experimented with numerous ideas in curriculum, student affairs, faculty recruitment, and faculty management. Interdisciplinarity and diversity are our DNA. Our faculty members graduated from world’s leading institutes and 80% have overseas degree or post doc experience. We are currently home to 9 INSPIRE Fellows and 2 Ramalingaswami Fellows.

For details about current research interests of our faculty and an overview of research facilities in each discipline, please click on the discipline name on the left.


IITGN offers attractive start-up grants (with no upper limit restrictions) and a separate budget for procuring high-end research infrastructure.


IITGN is home to world-class faculty from renowed institutes such as MIT, CMU, Cornell, UIUC, etc. and faculty from across 18 states in India.


Our award-winning curriculum emphasizes hands-on, project-based learning. Creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship are encouraged.


We have an award-winning, modern, world-class, green campus located on the banks of the river Sabarmati. Spacious on-campus housing is available for faculty.


Besides its formal degree programs, IITGN has also nurtured a number of, interdisciplinary and distinctive programmes that offer opportunities for broader academic discussion and collaboration.

The Process

Online Application Submission

The applicant needs to submit the application in the portal and e-mail the generated PDF document to faculty.applications@iitgn.ac.in with the application number as the subject of the e-mail.

Preliminary Review

Upon receipt of the application, preliminary review of the application is conducted by the faculty search committee

Skype Video Interaction

If the application is recommended for further processing, the candidate is invited for a Skype video conference. The video conference enables us to learn more about the candidate’s background, teaching interests, and future research plans. It gives an opportunity for the candidate to ask any questions about the institute and the recruitment process. The Skype conference is normally conducted within a month of the receipt of the application.

Further Scrutiny

Further scrutiny of the application is conducted. If the application is recommended for further processing, the candidate is invited for a two-day campus visit. The visit is scheduled at the earliest convenient date based on the availability of the faculty candidate and concerned faculty members of the institute.

Campus Visit

The campus visit involves a teaching session, research seminar, a future research proposal session. Faculty candidates also interact with students and have one-to-one meetings with concerned faculty members of the institute.

During the campus visit, faculty candidates have the opportunity to explore the campus, interact with students and faculty, visit the labs and other facilities, and experience the institute culture and ethos. You can find more details about the campus visit here.

Final Decision

Further scrutiny and deliberations on the application take place. A decision is typically made within 30 days of the campus visit.

Apply Now

Rolling recruitment. Applications are accepted throughout the year.