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NEEV is an IIT Gandhinagar community outreach program. It is actively working to bridge the knowledge and communication gap by offering comprehensive training and mentoring, and growing the employability and entrepreneurship mind set of the surrounding communities.

NEEV's mission is to empower grassroots communities through workforce development, with a focus on entrepreneurship and skills training. NEEV’s focus beneficiaries include youth and women from rural and urban localities from the areas surrounding IIT Gandhinagar.



Entrepreneurship Development Workshop

This 5-day workshop includes session on idea generation, market research, negotiation, cost analysis, and financials. Role play, interactive activities and other participatory methods have been incorporated to ensure participants from all education backgrounds will benefit.

Entrepreneurship Awareness Session

The purpose of these sessions is to create awareness about entrepreneurship being a viable avenue of livelihood generation, and motivate participants towards the same.


Vocational Skills Training Course

This 8-week course includes basic training in trades such as wiring, machining, carpentry, machining, welding and plumbing. The modules also incorporate business skills, soft skills and exposure visit to local industries.


Stitching Skills Training Course

With a focus on empowering women, especially from the villages around IIT Gandhinagar, NEEV conducts 8-week basic training course in stitching. The modules include measurement, marking, cutting and sewing. In one such project, the curtains of the IIT Gandhinagar hostels were stitched by woman from the adjoining villages after an initial training period of two weeks.

Computer Skills Training Course

This 8-week course is designed to consider demands of basic computer knowledge in workforce. Program includes knowledge of computer operation, creating and managing files, folders, installing application software, MS Office, email and use of internet.

Spoken English Training Course

The aim of the 8-week course is to help overcome fear related to English language and equip participants with basic conversational skills for better prospects as desired by them from the employment point of view. The module incorporates basic grammar, pronunciation, speech used in daily life and its composition, with the help of descriptive writing and speaking.

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Soumya Harish
Coordinator, NEEV

Roshni Patel
Senior Program Associate

Ritu Singh
Program Associate - Sewing, NEEV

Mamta Parekh
Program Associate - Sewing, NEEV

Adarsh Chauhan
Program Associate - Technical, NEEV

Laxmi Thakor
Program Assistant, NEEV

Laxmi Vanzara
Program Assistant, NEEV

Bharat Thakor
Program Assistant , NEEV

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