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Gram Fellowship

Rural India remains the backbone of India’s economy and heritage. It is often represented by “modern” urban India as backward and uneducated. It is observed that many of the students in India are rarely exposed to rural life, economy, practices and ethos, despite call by policy makers, since independence. IIT Gandhinagar aspires to address this concern by exposing its students to rural India. IIT Gandhinagar Gram Fellowship aims to encourage students to immerse themselves in the experience of what-it-is-like to live in a village. During the fellowship stay, the students would engage with the community to understand their concerns, welfare, values and beyond. This fellowship is expected to be a learning experience rather than a “solution” finding/seeking project to be completed. This fellowship would help the fellows to experience the life of common people who may not have access to sufficient resources. It would also be an opportunity for the fellows to think beyond technological interventions to address the concerns of the community.

The students would also get a chance to understand prevailing socio, political, economic, cultural and humanitarian factors in the community. The students should be ready to volunteer to offer social service to the community during the fellowship. The students are encouraged to earn their livelihood by working for the community. The fellows should stay with the members of the community and be non-judgmental about their way of life. On their return, the fellows may translate their experiences into possibilities of interventions which could address the concerns of the community.


Financial Assistance/Scholarship

IIT Gandhinagar’s very liberal financial aid and scholarship programs ensure that no student feels disadvantaged due to their financial situation. IITGN provides very generous grants and loans as per the need of the student to support academic requirements, excellence activities (including international internship), and in some cases personal expenses. This includes a flat Rs. 2 Lakh per year (for 4 years) for all top 1000 JEE advanced rank holders and students who have represented India in one of the recognized international olympiads. subject to the student continuing to maintain a reasonable academic record and ethical conduct.

In addition to the government grants and merit-cum-means scholarships, a large number of scholarships cater to students demonstrating outstanding performance (irrespective of their parental income) in academics, sports, cultural, social, and leadership activities. Scholarships and financial support for international internships, financial rewards for undergraduate publications are also made available.

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Other flagship programs include:

Explorer Fellowship: The IITGN Explorer Fellowship is an annual summer program that enables students, organised in small teams, to undertake a six-week adventure across the country. The program empowers students to plan (with a limited budget) and travel throughout India, wherein they observe India intimately and the grassroots level and encounter diverse cultures and lifestyles.

EWYL: The Earn-while-you-learn program allows the students to be self-reliant and meet their own expenses. Students can enroll to contribute to a number of Institutional activities (e.g. assistance in running library, computer centre, external relations, grading assignments, etc.) and gain professional experience while earning a reasonable financial compensation.



IIT Gandhinagar currently has centrally air conditioned and furnished hostels. Dining facilities are available in hostel messes. Other amenities within the hostel premises are:

  1. Convenience shops and eateries serving variety of cuisines, snacks, and daily needs
  2. Mini Library (providing a reading zone to the students within the hostel premises)
  3. Nighttime air conditioning in all hostel rooms
  4. A laundry facility included in the “Mess and Laundry” charges with unlimited washing and ironing facility
  5. A pantry on each floor of each hostel equipped with refrigerator, microwave oven and induction stove
  6. Student lounge which includes recreation facilities such as a snooker table
  7. Music room, art room, and common rooms
  8. Sports courts and facilities



The campus has excellent hostel and academic infrastructure and is largely self-sufficient with most daily needs and services available within the campus.

Computing and Connectivity: IITGN has state-of-the-art computing infrastructure, labs with networked multi-core computers and a high performance computing (HPC) platform for advancing research and teaching in computational areas.

Library: The library possesses a rich collection of books, research journals, and electronic resources in varied areas. Library electronic resources are accessible from anywhere on campus.

Labs: The Institute has cutting-edge teaching and research laboratories in numerous areas, including electronics, robotics, physics, chemistry, image processing, fiber-optics, biomedical engineering, VLSI, power systems, soil mechanics, material sciences, nanotechnology, etc., to expose students to the latest research in different areas of science and engineering.

Sports: Grounds for football, cricket, volleyball and basketball, as well as indoor facilities for badminton, table-tennis, gym, etc. are available. A brand new sports complex is being constructed with Olympic size swimming pools, a modern gym, squash courts, a rock climbing wall, etc. Sports coaches are available to train students. Participation in sports activities is highly encouraged and IITGN students have been successful in Inter IIT Meets.

Bank and Post: Canara Bank is located within the campus and postal services through Indian Post and private logistic agencies are available at the campus on payment basis.

Award-winning Campus: IITGN campus is the first campus in the country to receive a five-star GRIHA-LD rating for its numerous sustainability and energy efficiency measures. The institute is the first and only academic campus to be awarded a five-star Eat Right Campus award from fssai for its hygienic, safe, healthy, nutritious, local & seasonal food choices.

Medical Facilities: A 24-hour ambulance is available for emergencies. Qualified medical practitioners are available on the institute premises for several hours on working days. Hospitalization expenses of all students are covered under a medical insurance policy. Two trained male nurses are on staff full-time to provide emergency first aid and routine medical services. A fully equipped Physiotherapy Centre is also operational on campus.


Students Life at Institute

IIT Gandhinagar’s student centric approach emphasizes student responsibility, independence, and physical and emotional wellbeing. IITGN prides itself in maintaining a ragging-free campus and a high level of ethical conduct in all academic and non academic matters. Along with rigorous academic training, students pursue large number of additional curricular and extracurricular activities (through large number of student clubs, sports camps, and other initiatives) for their holistic development. A large number of fests and events are celebrated on campus including Blithchron, Amalthea, Jashn, Ignite, Halla Bol, Winter Carnations, etc.

Friendly and professional staff are available to help students with their various needs both in hostels and other matters.

Student emotional wellbeing is a high priority at IIT Gandhinagar. The Institute has a very pro-active counselling services consisting of professional counsellors, faculty advisors, student guides and other supporting mechanisms to keep in close touch with each individual student.

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Location and Accessibility

IIT Gandhinagar is located on the banks of the river Sabarmati in Palaj, Gandhinagar. The campus has excellent connectivity to Ahmedabad international airport (around 30 minutes by road) and train stations of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The road, water, and electricity infrastructure of the city and of the campus are excellent. Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad twin cities are known both for a rich cultural past as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure, thriving industries, effective transport system, and many modern amenities. They are also the hub of prestigious academic and research institutes, such as the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), and the National Institute of Design (NID). Gandhinagar also consistently ranks as being among best and safest cities to live in India in several major national surveys. Gandhinagar is particularly known for its safety at night and safety for women.

A campus shuttle operating on all days at regular intervals facilitate travel between the campus and a few key locations in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The bus rapid transit system in Ahmedabad is convenient to access various points of the city from the end point of the campus shuttle. The construction of a metro subway rail link between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar is presently underway.


Recreational/Extra Curricular activities

The students and faculty of IITGN show an extraordinary level of enthusiasm and participation in institute affairs. A large number of fests and events are celebrated on campus including:

IIT Gandhinagar students are active in various sports supported by excellent sports facilities on campus and number of coaches and gym instructor. A number of student run clubs are active on campus, more information can be found at

The Institute is strongly committed to sensitizing students to the needs of society and to motivate them to make socially meaningful contributions from an early age. Nyasa is a student-run programme to address the health and education needs of construction workers and their families on campus.


Career Development Service

IIT Gandhinagar students take on diverse career paths including placements in corporate jobs in various sectors, government jobs, higher studies, entrepreneurship, and social and other pursuits. Last year, roughly 25% of graduating students sought to pursue higher studies from some of the best universities/institutions abroad and in India. The Institute has a vibrant incubation center wherein a number of companies instituted by our undergraduates are being incubated.

The Career Development Services (CDS) at IITGN supports students in all these pursuits including finding opportunities for students including international summer internships and industry visits. More than 40% of the graduating students have had the opportunity to travel abroad during their undergraduate studies through the opportunities provided by the CDS.

Students also have the option to opt for the unique deferred placement policy through which a student may explore alternative career paths (such as entrepreneurship) for a year or two and then seek to participate in placements at a later date if needed (thus providing a safety net to the students).

Backed by the training and support of the CDS, students at IITGN regularly interact with experts in the industry and IIT alumni, thus staying abreast of the needs of the job market. Companies spanning management, research, software and IT, in addition to core engineering participate in placements.

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Academic Structure

IIT Gandhinagar offers 4-year BTech programmes in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science, and Materials Science & Engineering. The curriculum is futuristic, and focuses on the overall development of students. It emphasizes learning-by-doing, and also includes significant exposure to the humanities and social sciences, mandatory courses in life sciences and design, and several options for students to explore their interests through a large number of electives and project courses. Active learning, exploration are emphasized over older, routine pedagogical approaches.

The institute’s flagship Foundation Programme is now being emulated by a number of IITs and other colleges. This programme nurtures students’ creativity, communication skills, ethics, physical fitness and social awareness, thereby setting the foundation for the creation of engineers who are not just technically sound but also citizens who socially aware and responsible. Such “life skills” are emphasized throughout the students’ stay at the Institute through various other activities.

Flexibility is built into the curriculum with numerous electives, liberal branch change norms, various “minor” and “honours” programs, and a large number of short courses offered by guest scholars. Students can also opt for a Dual-Major Programme during their course of study to earn an additional BTech degree in a second branch of their choice. For example, a student in Chemical Engineering could opt for a second B.Tech. in Computer Science. Students can also choose to sign up for the Dual-Degree Programme that enables students to get an MTech or an MSc degree in a branch of their choice (possibly different from their BTech branch) in addition to the BTech degree usually by spending an additional year. Two separate degrees are awarded upon successful completion of the requirements of the two programmes.

Undergraduate students also have significant opportunities for additional learning through various internships both in India and abroad. About 40% of the undergraduates spend time overseas, largely in the form of summer internships, doing research in leading universities around the world thereby gaining global exposure. A large number of students also take up internships in industry, thus bringing a real-world, application-oriented angle to their education. Such programmes are supported through generous scholarships.

Numerous academic support initiatives are available to students: Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who guides them through understanding the curricular requirements, and remains assigned to them through their entire stay at the Institute. Our unique peer-assisted learning (PAL) programme is designed to help those first year students who face difficulties in adapting to new culture and medium of instruction in their coursework. Academic discussion hours, facilitated by senior students, provide support on more technical matters to students who may be facing challenges in certain courses. A robust and proactive counseling service offers a mechanism to address broader issues related to student wellbeing.

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Faculty IIT Gandhinagar is a truly global environment for student learning. The institute has recruited excellent faculty members trained at some of the world’s leading institutes. These include MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Purdue, Cambridge, Michigan, Imperial College, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Penn State, Wisconsin, Texas Tech, Cornell, Illinois, Max Planck, Harvard, Warwick, and Indian Institutions such as IISc and IITs. More than 80% of the faculty members have been trained abroad either at the doctoral or the postdoctoral level. A vibrant visiting faculty program and a flexible short-course structure exposes students to scores of prominent scholars and professionals from all over India, as well as abroad. Faculty are welcoming, friendly and approachable.

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