IITGN has always been supportive of sports and fitness as it helps in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Students must be allowed to choose the sport of their liking and capability, and must be given an equal chance to excel in it. Keeping this in mind, ample facilities have been provided to the students for practicing and attaining professionalism in their respective games.



Swimming is an individual or group physical activity inside a pool or open-source of water. The power of your skeleton muscles will push your body against the resistance of water. Swimming will improve the fitness of the body and also help to build a fresh mind.

IIT Gandhinagar has a dedicated aquatic team helping the beginners as well as participating at various events at state levels, inter-college level, and inter IIT’s tournament. The team has organized a swimming activity for the learners in summer at Gymkhana Club Gandhinagar. This encourages the members of IIT Gandhinagar for better physical fitness. The team has won numerous medals in the past at different events of Inter IIT’s, Khel Mahakumbh, and Intercollege tournaments.



Athletics is all about passion, hard work, and the spirit of never giving up. Athletics wants athletes to be self-committed to their goals and to hold their self-beliefs. An athletics is a group of sporting events that consists of running, jumping, throwing, and walking. It improves the stamina, fitness of the body as well as strengthens our self-belief.

IIT Gandhinagar has a dedicated athletics team supporting as well as guiding each other. This is not only a team, but this is like a family. Every year, all the team members work hard to improve their skill, stamina as well as fitness of body under the guidance of their father like a coach. The team participates in various events on state levels, inter-college as well as Inter-IIT tournaments and improves on the results every year. The team has won medals in inter-colleges tournaments.



The badminton courts at IITGN are a work in progress with the upcoming sports complex accommodating 6 synthetic courts. In lieu of that, the badminton team leaves no stone unturned in order to push themselves ahead of the competition. Currently the team practices at Aloka Sports Academy under the guidance of a coach.

Badminton is very popular among the college junta as someone can always be seen playing in the temporary courts installed around the hostel quadrangles. The badminton team practices equally hard to perform well in the local tournaments as well as inter IIT. A recent performance at the tournaments has proved IITGN as a force to be reckoned with.



Basketball is one of the fastest sports. To play this sport at a high level, physical conditioning is of utmost importance. There are five players on the court from each team at any given instant. Teamwork and playing with strategy is key. In addition to this, it is a sport that is highly accessible. Anyone with a basketball can find a nearby basketball court and start playing.

The game of basketball has always been a big part of the IITGn community. Even during the initial years of the college when it did not have much of a campus, the students would play on a halfcourt nearby. Now we have basketball courts right next to the hostels. This has encouraged the student community to pick up a basketball and give the game a shot, even if they have never done so before.



Cricket is a passion in India, and we intend to represent the passion of IIT Gandhinagar towards this great game by hosting this tournament. Our cricket team sincerely believes in qualities such as team spirit and consistent effort, and each and every member of the team is a reflection of these values.

No great achievement is possible without persistent hard work. Our team has always shown us that the sky's the limit when you have your eyes set on nothing else than the bull's eye. The team has shown consistent improvement while representing at the Inter IIT Sports Meet and has also bagged Silver Medal in the Concours '18 held at DA-IICT.



Football is associated with passion, emotion, and excitement but most importantly team spirit and continuous dedication. The football field is one of the most beautiful places on campus to visit under the floodlights at dusk. It is a place visited by choice but ends up staying with you forever.

Football at IITGN is made possible by the collective efforts from the staff members, groundsmen, the team of players, and our beloved coach. Each year the team strives to work hard and improve on results not only at the inter IITs but also at various local tournaments. IITGN has seen many great footballers over the past few years and it's the never die attitude that has united us for years.

They say “Football builds character” as it teaches us to work together, care for each other and stay like a family with one common goal i.e. Winning, but most importantly it gives you memories and friends that you will cherish till eternity.



Ultimate Frisbee is a budding sport that has attracted great enthusiasm among the entire IIT Gandhinagar community. With the rising popularity over the years, we have seen many students climb up the ranks and bring laurels for the institute at national level sports tournaments. The main event which everyone eagerly awaits is the time of Hallabol, the intra-college sports fest. This is where the new players get to showcase their skills with the disc and come into the spotlight. The Ultimate community at IIT Gandhinagar comprises players from diverse sports backgrounds but sharing a common passion and love for the game of Ultimate. Our community shares a very close bond with each other and the team always welcomes any person interested in honing their disc-handling skills.



With special emphasis on fitness and a healthy lifestyle, IIT Gandhinagar is well-equipped with a gym remodeled with a good selection of free weights and machines, for a full and complete body workout. It is open for all the students, staff and faculty of IIT Gandhinagar. The gym consists of equipment suitable for cardio as well as strength training. The gymnasium is open 24x7..

Table Tennis


Besides being a fun activity to spend healthy time with your family and friends, there are many health and other benefits of playing table tennis. Table Tennis is a retro and fast-paced competitive sport and is the world’s best brain sport.

The IITGN Community is fortunate to have Table Tennis facility on campus and it has helped form a friendly bond between the community members, be it faculties or staff members or students. It’s the sport that students can enjoy playing at any time as it's an indoor sport with all the required equipment available on the campus. Besides professional table tennis players, other students also enjoy practicing it and remain active which definitely helps to improve the sports culture of IITGN. IITGN has got outstanding Table tennis players over the past years whose performances in Inter IIT and many other tournaments keep motivating succeeding teams. This game has taught us the importance of perseverance, control and besides this, the value of having a strong team with dedicated and motivating teammates.



Volleyball is an outdoor team sport played in two-teams of six against a net, wherein each team attempts to ground the ball in the opposite team’s court. The game continues with a team serving the ball onto the other team’s court while the other team defences such that the ball does not hit the ground. The rally continues until the ball falls in the court of one team. Each team can take a maximum of three passes after which the ball must be sent to the opposite team.

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the IITGn campus and students from various departments can be seen spiking balls on the court till late nights. It is a sport familiar with many faculty members as well as many of them participate in the yearly Srija Memorial League. The Volleyball team of IITGn is gathering its mettle to emerge as one of the best teams out there! It actively participates in various sports championships and fests in several colleges and organises practise matches to mould the players for the best. Volleyball is a sport that makes you feel alive and determined. Serve it tight, set it high, dig it fiercely and spike it hard!

Lawn Tennis


Currently, the lawn tennis team goes to Sachivalaya in Sector 21, Gandhinagar around 10 km away from the campus for its practice sessions. A special well maintained lawn tennis court is allotted for the IITGN community at Sachivalaya.

Sports Events

Halla bol

Halla Bol is a day and night annual intra-institute sports festival, completely organized by the student body and is thoroughly enjoyed by all including faculty and staff members. 10 nights, 13 games and unlimited fun - That's what Halla Bol is all about. It brings out the sportsman within each participant and is celebrated with great enthusiasm by all of us. Objective of Halla Bol is to increase interaction among students, staff and faculty of IITGN.

The version Halla Bol’19 of the festival comprised 11 entertaining games played over 10 days. More than 400 matches attracted 2953 registrations from students, staff and faculty, who formed mix teams.

The games are played with modified rules like, Futsal, Tug of War, Ultimate Frisbee, Touch Rugby, Foot Volley, Gully Cricket, 7 Stones, 3 a side Baddy, Basky, Dodgeball, Handball, No dribble basky, Carrom wars, Street hockey and Kho-Kho.


Basketball is an incredible sport. Anyone who has played it knows how challenging, but at the same time, exhilarating it can be. You play alongside a group of people who you come to trust and love. There are so many different things you can do on the court. You can shoot, pass, dribble, rebound, block, steal or defend. The experience is deeply enriching.

Being all of these things, it is a sport for everyone. The Basketball community of IITGn is excited to announce the 5th edition of the IITGn Basketball League, IBL. There will be a girls' tournament, a boys' tournament and also a small surprise. IBL is full of competitive matches where the best players of our college fight it out against each other to win and make memorable moments.


Cricket Combat League is an intra-college cricket tournament in which students and staff take part. The format of CCL resembles that of Indian Premier League (IPL). The objective of this league is to increase interaction among students and also with staff.

Participating team is formed by auctioning. Each team will have their identity in terms of Jersey, Logo and Flag, etc.

Event is further fostered by the events such as Gamble (Predictor) and photography competition for the IITGN community to ensure the active involvement of the IITGN junta.


League of Football Players (LFP) is an annual football tournament. It is the flagship event of Intra- College Sports activities at IIT – Gandhinagar. The objective of this league is to increase interaction among students and also with staff.

It attracts scores of enthusiastic, skilful and football crazy players in the 'Auction' - a full-fledged bidding process, as good as Christie’s, that builds the teams for each season. Six clubs at IIT Gandhinagar compete throughout the season for the coveted title of ‘The Best Football Team – IIT GN’.

There is participation even from the faculty and staff! So, there’s opportunity plenty, to make ‘scores’ level. The tantalizing crowd adds to the raging football fever. Every match is an ‘El Classico’ here!

GDFA League

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) hosted the Gandhinagar District Football Association (GDFA) tournament’s opening ceremony on January 25, 2020. The opening ceremony of the GDFA tournament was followed by the first league match of the tournament between the home team ‘IITGN A’ and Insane Rovers Football Club’s team ‘IRFC B’. Prof Vikrant Jain, Chairman, IITGN Staff Gymkhana was present during the match as the Chief Guest. He wished and encouraged all players and gave a green signal to the event. Host football team IITGN A completely dominated the match from the start and won by a huge margin of 8-0.

Gandhinagar District Football Association (GDFA) organizes an annual football tournament open to all clubs. It has a league format followed by knockout matches. IIT Gandhinagar has a vibrant sports culture encouraging students, staff, and faculty to actively participate in sports. This year, two teams from IIT Gandhinagar, IITGN A team and IITGN B team, consisting of staff, faculty, and students are going to participate in this tournament.


Have you ever seen an outrageous match of Table Tennis? Wanna feel the heat of a competitive atmosphere? This is your chance.

The Table Tennis community of IITGN is extremely glad to announce the first-ever IITL, the Intra Institute Table Tennis League.

Table Tennis is a very fast-paced game that improves reflexes, balance, coordination, and develops mental acuity while stimulating different parts of the brain. Not only is it fun to play, but is also incredibly exciting to watch.


The volleyball fraternity feels gratified to announce the SRIJA MEMORIAL LEAGUE, the Intra-college volleyball league. It was instigated last year in the commemoration of an ebullient volleyball player, Late Ms Srija Vaddineni.

Volleyball is one of the most interactive sports. It’s not only a barrage of spikes, blocks, digs but also a game of intuition, imagination, improvisation and most of all - of teamwork. There is nothing more entertaining than watching a team of six people working together to smash their opponents and making sure the ball doesn’t touch the ground.

Inter IIT Tournaments

Inter IIT Sports Meet is the annual sports tournament of the Indian Institutes of Technology, and is the biggest inter-collegiate tournament in the country in terms of scale. It is an eight day long affair held in December every year, with the Aquatics events held separately in October. The seven old IITs take turns hosting the event. The Inter IIT Sports Meet (or just Inter IIT, as students of the IITs call it) is the only event wherein all the IITs participate. IITGN has been sending contingents to this event and has witnessed some outstanding victories.

Republic Day Run (Beat the Dean)

Institute always takes an active role to instill the importance of fitness within the IIT Gandhinagar Community. There are various activities and initiatives taken up by the Institute to encourage its students, staff, faculty and other community members to participate in different sports, games, runs, and other physical activities. IIT Gandhinagar’s Physical Education Section on the occasion of Republic day organized a 5 km and 2.5 km run for the community members.

The Dean, Student Affairs of IIT Gandhinagar, Prof. Harish P. M. was the one who gave the idea and set the theme of the event as “Beat the Dean Challenge”. Prof. Harish who himself is a running enthusiast was ready to come up and participate along with the community members. The idea was to encourage the community members and attract the crowd to participate so that they experience running. Anyone fulfilling the criterion and beating the timings were to be rewarded.

XXVI Inter IIT Staff Sports Meet 2019-20

IIT Gandhinagar staff cricket team & athletics shot put women's team received the 2nd runner-up trophy (Bronze Medal) at IIT Kharagpur 2019.

Run for Unity

As a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and to mark his birthday, October 31 is celebrated as 'Rashtriya Ekta Diwas' (National Unity Day). Affectionately remembered as the 'Iron Man of India', his efforts were to make India a united and independent nation. This year on his birthday, which falls on Monday, we will be having a 'Run for Unity' as a demonstration of unity and integrity.

Inter hostel Tournaments

Inter Hostel Sports Tournament is held annually among 6 hostels of IIT Gandhinagar. Matches of all the major sports are held in between different departments and based on the cumulative performance of all the events General Championship is awarded to the hostel having gained maximum points throughout the tournament.

Kabaddi Tournament

Kabaddi Tournament is an intra college tournament held annually among the students of IIT Gandhinagar. This tournament offers opportunity for all the pro-players to display their talents while having the opportunity to learn for a newbie. Kabaddi matches are held in between different teams and based on the cumulative performance of all the teams’ winner is awarded to the team having qualified every match throughout the tournament.

Open Chess and Carrom Tournament

Currently, an open chess tournament is held two times a year(once in each semester). The format is classical with a time control of 15 minutes and a 0-second increment. There are 5-6 rounds held. Based on the performance in these rounds a winner and runner-up are awarded a prize. This tournament is also an important factor for selecting players that would represent the college.

Carrom Tournament is held annually/ per semester among the students of IIT Gandhinagar. Carrom matches are played in a team of 2 and based on the cumulative performance of each team winners and runners up is awarded to the team having qualified matches throughout the tournament. Good players are selected for players of the carrom team of IITGN and get a chance to play for IITGN in other colleges like DAIICT/ GNLU/ NIFT.


IIT Gandhinagar as an institute along with academic excellence also gives importance to physical fitness. Due to which, as a part of our Foundation Program, morning and evening sports sessions were made compulsory for the students. The BMI results before and after the FP program clearly reflect agreement to the vigorous sports training.

The morning session consisted of activities that were common to all , ranging from balloon play , yoga , tabata training to jogging, exercises and much more. In the evening sessions, the students were free to choose their own sport of interest. During the final stages, competitions in games of Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, March Past, Cultural Event and Treasure hunt were held among the 4 teams that were formed by dividing the BTech’19 batch into groups namely, Akash, Agni, Naag and Prithvi.

International Day of Yoga

Description of Pre-events of International Yoga Day Celebration on 2nd May 2019 at IIT Gandhinagar Campus:

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar enthusiastically conducted the Pre-events of International Yoga day, IIT Gandhinagar Campus on 2nd May, 2019 . IIT Gandhinagar Community took part in this Pre-YOGA day celebration. It was a matter of joy for all Yoga Enthusiasts that the “Vishva Yoga Divas- WORLD YOGA DAY” is going to be celebrated on June 21st. The day was chosen as it is the longest day of the calendar year, a day connected with Sun, light and nature and not a day of personal importance. The instructors listed the importance of mind, body and soul nourishment through YOGA. Proper scientific explanations were given for all the yoga asanas and all the participants performed as per the instructions. Various asanas like Makarasana, Pavanmuktasan, Tadasan, Vrikshasana, Butterfly etc. were performed and its benefits were explained to all. Yoga develops overall strength and balance as well as inner peace. All yoga postures provide a feeling of calmness, easiness and bodily relaxation. Program started at 6:30 AM and ended at 7:30 AM.

Disha Cup

Disha Cup 2015 is an initiative of Phy Edu Sec which is entering into its 3rd edition. A total of 6 teams participated viz. Housekeeping (IITGN SWACHATA), Security (IIT GN SURAKSHA), Office Boys (IIT GN SAHYOG), Transport Department (Drivers) (IIT GN AAVAGAMAN), Mess Workers (IIT GN URJA) and Maintenance Department (Plumber, Electrician) (IIT GN RAKHRAKHAV). Our efforts are directed towards infusing a healthy and self-reliant attitude in our Participants helping them to shape their personality and hidden talents.

Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar enthusiastically conducted the Pre-events of International Yoga day, IIT Gandhinagar Campus on 2nd May, 2019 . IIT Gandhinagar Community took part in this Pre-YOGA day celebration. It was a matter of joy for all Yoga Enthusiasts that the “Vishva Yoga Divas- WORLD YOGA DAY” is going to be celebrated on June 21st. The day was chosen as it is the longest day of the calendar year, a day connected with Sun, light and nature and not a day of personal importance. The instructors listed the importance of mind, body and soul nourishment through YOGA. Proper scientific explanations were given for all the yoga asanas and all the participants performed as per the instructions. Various asanas like Makarasana, Pavanmuktasan, Tadasan, Vrikshasana, Butterfly etc. were performed and its benefits were explained to all. Yoga develops overall strength and balance as well as inner peace. All yoga postures provide a feeling of calmness, easiness and bodily relaxation. Program started at 6:30 AM and ended at 7:30 AM.

Family Sports Festival

Faculty and Staff of IIT Gandhinagar have been celebrating Family Sports Festival on the campus for the last 04 years, this it was the 04th edition of the Family Sports Festival. It is a great opportunity for the Faculty and Staff including their family members to come together, interact, and enjoy with each other. The participation in the Family Sports Festival gives a break from the monotonous life, approximately 200 people participated in the sports festival and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sports festivals like this uplift the sports spirit and encourage the participants to be more involved in sports. It’s a 03 days celebration, in which the activities for the first two days were conducted on a football ground and the third day was conducted in the Auditorium. The first two days included sports like leg cricket, football for women, funny & innovative relay races, puzzle-solving, and for kids entertainment was in the form of a puppet show, a man walking on stilts and a short man. Third day of the Family Fashion Show was conducted.

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