Student Council

The Student Council consists of secretaries who are responsible for managing the execution of activities in their respective domains. Student initiatives at IIT Gandhinagar are coordinated and executed by the Student Council and Student Senate. They are responsible for governance, long-term strategy building and the management of student activities on campus.

Amaan Ansari | Convener

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Amaan is a fourth-year BTech Mechanical Engineering student, also pursuing minors in Computer Science. He envisions himself as a bridge between the student community and the administrative bodies at IIT Gandhinagar. With unwavering determination, he actively participates in campus events, showcasing his leadership and dedication. He has served as a Core Member at Winter Carnations and an Organizer in Jashn, successfully contributing to their organization. Amaan's commitment extends beyond event management, as he has been a mentor for ADH for two consecutive years and a general member of the Academic Council. His passion for football highlights his dedication to physical activity and teamwork. Through his multidimensional approach, Amaan combines technical expertise with a student-centric mindset, promising positive changes and an inclusive educational experience at IIT Gandhinagar.

Abhishek Mungekar | General Secretary

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Abhishek is pursuing Mechanical Engineering at IITGN with a keen interest in Management and Finance. His leadership journey at IITGN has been marked by various positions of responsibility. As the Sponsorship Coordinator for Amalthea '21, the 12th edition of India's first student-run technical summit, he played a vital role in ensuring its success. He has also actively contributed to Blithchron, coordinated the Student Guides for the Btech '22 batch, and even earned a medal in the Inter-IIT Tech Meet 2023. With his involvement across multiple councils and student groups, Abhishek's experience has given him a comprehensive understanding of the campus community. He believes in the power of empathy to foster unity among individuals and aims to promote the culture and values of IIT Gandhinagar.
Additionally, he finds joy in a wide range of hobbies such as swimming, football, chess, speedcubing, and reading. He is also an avid foodie, always on the lookout for new culinary experiences.

Harshvardhan Vala | Welfare Secretary

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Harshvardhan Vala is a BTech fourth-year student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering. He has actively engaged in student-led activities like Amalthea, Blithchron, Jashn, and as well as the Welfare Council. During his second year, he coordinated Pronites and Finance for Blithchron '23, successfully organizing the first offline college fest in Gujarat post-Covid. In his third year, he served as the Commercial Outlets Coordinator, introducing new outlets to the campus and meeting the student demands.
Harshvardhan believes co-curricular activities are crucial for holistic development alongside academics. His leadership experience and teamwork have motivated him to bring positive changes benefiting student welfare and lifestyle on campus. With a passion for making a difference, Harshvardhan plans to utilize his skills and experiences to implement transformative initiatives that enhance student well-being and overall quality of life on campus.

Reuben Devanesan | Academic Secretary

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Reuben Devanesan is a final-year undergraduate pursuing a dual major in Chemical Engineering and Computer Science. He believes in working for the community and has been part of various initiatives throughout his time at IIT Gandhinagar. Reuben has been a part of the Student Academic Council for the past three years, working through multiple positions of responsibility and gaining experience. He has also been a part of the Student Leadership Conclave (SLC) and was the Secretary of Metis, the software development club of IITGN.

Apart from these, Reuben is an avid software developer and loves coding. He enjoys playing the guitar and reading comics in his free time.

Aman Samria | Sports Secretary

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Aman Samria is currently in his 4th year of at IIT Gandhinagar. From the very beginning of his journey at the institute, he has been actively involved in sports, both as a participant and organizer. Aman play squash and badminton. His track record in sports includes serving as the captain of the Inter IIT squash team during the 55th Inter IIT tournament. His leadership skills and dedication were evident as he successfully led the team. Additionally, He has also contributed to the sports community by taking up various roles such as coordinator in Hallabol 22, Event Management Core in Hallabol 23, and captain of the a badminton team in the inter college tournament(BSL). Apart from his involvement in sports, Aman possesses a keen interest in entrepreneurship. He aspires to leverage his skills and passion for sports to contribute to the field of sports management or sports upliftment. His ambition is to build something meaningful that can make a positive impact on the sports industry.

Dhairya Shah | Professional Development Council Secretary

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Dhairya Shah is a senior undergraduate student pursuing a BTech degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He has been integral to the Professional Development Council for the past two years and serves as its secretary. Since joining the council, Dhairya has been actively leading various activities, including the successful revamp of the TEDxIITGandhinagar talks this year. His long-standing ambition has been to lead the council, and his dedication is evident in his meticulous management of all organized events. His primary objective is to enhance the institute's placement and internship selection rates. To achieve this, he endeavors to create additional opportunities for students beyond what the Career Development Services (CDS) offers on campus. Leveraging his extensive experience leading the council and organizing independent events, he aims to empower the student community of IIT Gandhinagar by fostering career independence.

Varad Sardeshpande | Cultural Secretary

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Varad Sardeshpande is a BTech Fourth Year Chemical Engineering student. He holds a deep passion for promoting and celebrating diverse cultures. He has been a member of the cultural council and an avid Sargam club member. He has also been involved in Amalthea and Blithchron as a sponsorship and events team member, respectively. With a keen eye for creativity and a solid commitment to fostering inclusivity, Varad brings a unique perspective and skill set to his role.

Bhavesh Jain | IR&P Secretary

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Bhavesh Jain is currently a 4th year BTech student at IIT Gandhinagar. He is a dedicated individual with a deep passion for entrepreneurship and a strong commitment to supporting the student body. Having been a part of the events team in Blithchron and the sponsorship team in Amalthea, Bhavesh brings valuable experience in organizing successful initiatives. As a coordinator in the Welfare Council and a Class Representative, Bhavesh has developed a keen understanding of the students' needs and aspirations. With a vision to foster a vibrant startup and industry culture, Bhavesh strives to connect students with meaningful projects and help them excel in their careers. With a desire to assist and guide students, Bhavesh's goal is to create an inclusive environment that promotes student success.

Student Senate

The Student Senate is an elected body that deliberates on various aspects of student life at IIT Gandhinagar. The Student Senate, which meets thrice a semester, has representation from BTech, MA, MSc, MTech and PhD students. Currently there are 30 students in the senate. The Student Senate is coordinated by the Convener. The Student Senate has, under its domain, multiple standing committees viz. Health Committee, Hostel Maintenance Committee, Mess Council, Alumni Association Committee, Steering Committee of senate, Election Commission and Rules & Procedures Committee. The members of the current Student counsel are the following.

List of Senators
Post Name Contact Email ID

B.Tech 19 Senators

Deep Kant Dave


Abhiram Geddam


Abhishek Janagal


Jagadeesh Payyavula


B.Tech 20 Senators

Sachin Bharadwaj


Shantanu S. Deosarkar


Chirag Sarda


Amaan Ansari


B.Tech 21 Senators

Nishant Tatar


Gaurav Mahendra


Maloth Charan Tej


Akshay Mishra


B.Tech 22 Senators

Ruchit Jagodara


Siddharth Sachin Doshi




Rahul Pandey


M.Tech 21 Senator

Manjot Singh


M.Tech 22 Senator

Avinash Kumar Jha



Mohit Mayurbhai Doshi


M.Sc 21 Senator

Nishank Chauhan






Rohit Dharia

M.Sc 22 Senator

Gaurav Kumar



Sahil Soni


MA 21 Senator

Mitesh Solanki



Mohammad Asim


MA 22 Senator

Anviksha Mishra


Ph.D. Senator

Senkathirvanan K



Shikha Dhakar



Vivek Kumar Singh


UG Girl Senator

Sakshi Jagtap


PG Girl Senator

Sreyoshi Das



Alumni Relations Office

The Alumni Relations Office at IIT Gandhinagar was established with the motive to give a platform for the Alumni to contact and connect with the alma mater. The alumni of IIT Gandhinagar can contact Alumni Relations office for any requests related to the institute. The office will also act as a catalyst to improve the connections of IITGN alumni and give an opportunity to cash-in on each other’s knowledge and help create a network of well-informed and well-connected alumni who are willing to help each other and the Institute. It will also keep alumni updated about various activities that are happening in the campus, thus helping them to stay connected with IIT Gandhinagar.

Health Committee

Health Committee at IITGN strives to improve the health of IITGN family in all ways possible. Health Committee helps provide temporary health treatment through immediate first aid and creates awareness on issues related to health. Committee members are trained to follow a systematic procedure for treatment in emergency situations.

Events Organised :

  • A Quotes writing competition was organized so that people come up with Health related interesting and meaningful quotes. (Around 45 students participated)
  • A blood donation camp was set up in IIT Gandhinagar in association with The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute Blood Bank (GCRI).
  • Facebook Page of Health Committee

    Election Commission

    Election Commission IIT Gandhinagar is a formal body to conduct elections for student council , student senate and for the position of class representative.

    EC has set of rules and regulations to conduct elections and to ensure free and fair elections. Members of EC are expanding every year as per the population of voters to ensure smooth functioning of Election Commission. EC also take measures to increase voting percentage by various innovative measures.

    Facebook Page of Election Commission

    Maintenance Committee

    The committee looks after all the maintenance facilities provided to the students in the hostels.

    • For each hostel, committee includes a faculty supervisor and student team.
    • Each hostel has a hostel warden/caretakers and other maintenance staff.