Student Council

The Student Council consists of secretaries who are responsible for managing the execution of activities in their respective domains. Student initiatives at IIT Gandhinagar are coordinated and executed by the Student Council and Student Senate. They are responsible for governance, long-term strategy building and the management of student activities on campus.

Abhiram Geddam | Convener

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Abhiram is a fourth-year undergraduate pursuing a dual major degree in Materials Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering. He values the unique culture of IITGN and takes great interest in student-run activities. He was a Class Representative, Vinteo Secretary, and Events Coordinator of Blithchron in his junior years. He believes that the institute offers students ample opportunities for overall development and strives to assist this growth as a part of the Student Council.
He loves being behind the camera and makes short videos from time to time. He is very good at video games (source: trust me) and follows eSports avidly. He also likes being outdoors and can often be seen loitering around offbeat locations on campus.

Nikharv Shah | General Secretary

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Nikharv Shah is a senior undergraduate in the Discipline of Electrical Engineering with a keen interest in entrepreneurship. Over his time at IITGN, Nikharv has been a part of various student activities and worked at numerous Positions of Responsibility. From being a Senator of his batch for 3 years to leading Amalthea, IITGN's Annual Technical Summit, as Core Member, he has explored all walks of student life at IITGN and hence he knows the grievances of students and loopholes of the system. He has immense faith in people and believes that every student has the potential to achieve great things.
Apart from this, he is also a Youtuber and you can find him recording random stuff with his friends to make cool vlogs. He likes to meet new people and is always enthusiastic to try out new initiatives and work in unconventional ways.
Adarsh Golait | Welfare Secretary & Interim Cultural Secretary

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Adarsh Golait is a senior undergraduate in the Discipline of Mechanical Engineering. Since the dawn of his BTech, he has been a part of various technical, cultural and managerial activities on campus. He is an accomplished skipper with several gold and silver medals at the state and national levels. Being a people person, he always looks forward to meeting new people and having interesting conversations with them over tea. His work in Amalthea, Blithchron and a tenure as the Outlet's Coordinator taught him how to handle challenging situations and deal with difficult people. He believes that knowledge, experience and intuition guide can lead us through the toughest of problems. According to him, the everyday lifestyle of students is directly connected to the culture that we sustain at IIT Gandhinagar. Together, by ensuring proper establishment and maintenance of various facilities and well-communicated suggestions, we can build a unique system that distinguishes us from other institutes. Adarsh believes that the most essential quality in a leader is being approachable and open to new ideas. Experimentation and periodic feedbacks form the developmental cycle, at the core of which lies the welfare of the students.

Aniket Rajnish | Technical Secretary

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Aniket Rajnish is a game-developer first, and a million things later. When he's not in his room coding away a new rendering pipeline to the rarest tracks on Spotify, you can find him posing with sunglasses on some random part of campus. He's been the secretary of the Game Development club, the Technical Coordinator of the institute, and now, as the Technical Secretary, he hopes to make IIT Gandhinagar into a haven for people who want to do cool things with technology. PS: Mechanical Engineering

Revant Shah | Academic Secretary & Interim IR&P Secretary

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Revant is a senior undergraduate in the discipline of Chemical Engineering. He has previously served as Coordinator of Events & Initiatives as well as Coordinator of Documentation & Outreach in the Student Academic Council. Apart from that he has also served as the Coordinator of Student Leadership Conclave (SLC). Revant strongly believes that academics is the soul of a student’s IIT experience and is strongly committed to improving the academic experience at IITGN. Apart from studies, he enjoys reading, running, and is also a big foodie.

Akhilesh Chauhan | Sports Secretary

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Akhilesh Chauhan, Btech Senior Undergraduate, has been an integral part of our institute's sports contingent since his initial days on the campus. Time and again, he has displayed immense competence as Coordinator of different sports events, Volleyball Secretary and now as the Sports Secretary of IIT Gandhinagar. His journey and efforts have played an immense role in bringing our campus residents close to the world of sports and games and he continues to make determined efforts towards his motto #SportsForAll.
Dhvani Shah | Professional Development Council Secretary

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Dhvani Shah is a Final-year Undergraduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. She leads the PDC and CDS student teams responsible for fetching placement and internship opportunities for students and preparing students for their respective careers. Since her first year, she has actively worked in the CDS Team and PDC Council. She has organised several events, workshops and training activities for the IITGN community and also contributed to inviting and hosting companies on campus for recruitment. As the PDC Secretary, she wants to boost the capability of students to pursue their desired career goals, create an environment where students are motivated and enthusiastic to develop their professional competencies and explore and exhaust all avenues for bringing on-campus opportunities for students. Her personal interests include playing badminton, volleyball and reading books. She has also represented IITGN at inter-IIT Sports Meet 2019 as a Volleyball player."

Student Senate

The Student Senate is an elected body that deliberates on various aspects of student life at IIT Gandhinagar. The Student Senate, which meets thrice a semester, has representation from BTech, MA, MSc, MTech and PhD students. Currently there are 30 students in the senate. The Student Senate is coordinated by the Convener. The Student Senate has, under its domain, multiple standing committees viz. Health Committee, Hostel Maintenance Committee, Mess Council, Alumni Association Committee, Steering Committee of senate, Election Commission and Rules & Procedures Committee. The members of the current Student counsel are the following.

List of Senators
Post Name Contact Email ID

B.Tech 19 Senators

Deep Kant Dave


Abhiram Geddam


Abhishek Janagal


Jagadeesh Payyavula


B.Tech 20 Senators

Sachin Bharadwaj


Shantanu S. Deosarkar


Chirag Sarda


Amaan Ansari


B.Tech 21 Senators

Nishant Tatar


Gaurav Mahendra


Maloth Charan Tej


Akshay Mishra


B.Tech 22 Senators

Ruchit Jagodara


Siddharth Sachin Doshi




Rahul Pandey


M.Tech 21 Senator

Manjot Singh


M.Tech 22 Senator

Avinash Kumar Jha



Mohit Mayurbhai Doshi


M.Sc 21 Senator

Nishank Chauhan






Rohit Dharia

M.Sc 22 Senator

Gaurav Kumar



Sahil Soni


MA 21 Senator

Mitesh Solanki



Mohammad Asim


MA 22 Senator

Anviksha Mishra


Ph.D. Senator

Senkathirvanan K



Shikha Dhakar



Vivek Kumar Singh


UG Girl Senator

Sakshi Jagtap


PG Girl Senator

Sreyoshi Das



Alumni Relations Office

The Alumni Relations Office at IIT Gandhinagar was established with the motive to give a platform for the Alumni to contact and connect with the alma mater. The alumni of IIT Gandhinagar can contact Alumni Relations office for any requests related to the institute. The office will also act as a catalyst to improve the connections of IITGN alumni and give an opportunity to cash-in on each other’s knowledge and help create a network of well-informed and well-connected alumni who are willing to help each other and the Institute. It will also keep alumni updated about various activities that are happening in the campus, thus helping them to stay connected with IIT Gandhinagar.

Health Committee

Health Committee at IITGN strives to improve the health of IITGN family in all ways possible. Health Committee helps provide temporary health treatment through immediate first aid and creates awareness on issues related to health. Committee members are trained to follow a systematic procedure for treatment in emergency situations.

Events Organised :

  • A Quotes writing competition was organized so that people come up with Health related interesting and meaningful quotes. (Around 45 students participated)
  • A blood donation camp was set up in IIT Gandhinagar in association with The Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute Blood Bank (GCRI).
  • Facebook Page of Health Committee

    Election Commission

    Election Commission IIT Gandhinagar is a formal body to conduct elections for student council , student senate and for the position of class representative.

    EC has set of rules and regulations to conduct elections and to ensure free and fair elections. Members of EC are expanding every year as per the population of voters to ensure smooth functioning of Election Commission. EC also take measures to increase voting percentage by various innovative measures.

    Facebook Page of Election Commission

    Maintenance Committee

    The committee looks after all the maintenance facilities provided to the students in the hostels.

    • For each hostel, committee includes a faculty supervisor and student team.
    • Each hostel has a hostel warden/caretakers and other maintenance staff.