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Althaf Shaik


Althaf Shaik

Postdoctoral Fellow, Chemistry

  • B.Sc.: Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
  • M.Sc.: Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
  • Ph.D.: IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Email: althaf.shaik -AT- iitgn.ac.in

  • Work experience

    • Postdoctoral Fellow, Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, Gujarat (Aug 2019 - Present)
    • Overseas Research internship at University of Texas Southwestern medical center, Dallas, Texas, USA (April-September 2017)
    • Trainee Research Associate, Jubilant Biosys, Bangalore, (Aug 2012 to July 2013)

  • Selected Publications

    1. Shaik, A.; Agarwal, H.; Bhakuni, R.; Kirubakaran, S., Novel Pyrazolo[4, 3-c]Quinolin-3- One Derivatives as PDE5A Inhibitors. Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 2019 , 19 (4), 305-315.
    2. Shaik, A.; Angira, D.; Thiruvenkatam, V., Insights into supramolecular assembly formation of diethyl aryl amino methylene malonate (DAM) derivatives assisted via non- covalent interactions. Journal of Molecular Structure 2019 , 1192, 178-185.
    3. Juvale, K.; Shaik, A.; Kirubakaran, S., Inhibitors of inosine 5′-monophosphate dehydrogenase as emerging new generation antimicrobial agents. MedChemComm 2019 . (*Equal contribution)
    4. Dolui, D.; Khandelwal, S.; Shaik, A.; Gaat, D.; Thiruvenkatam, V.; Dutta, A., Enzyme- inspired synthetic proton relays generate fast and acid stable Cobalt-based H2 production electrocatalysts. ACS Catalysis 2019 , 9, 11, 10115-10125.
    5. Katla, J.; Shaik, A.; Dahiwadkar, R.; Thiruvenkatam, V.; Kanvah, S., One- and Two- component Organogels with Cyanostilbene without any Auxiliary Substituents. ChemPlusChem 2019 , 0 (Just accepted).
    6. Juvale, K.; Purushothaman, G.; Singh, V.; Shaik, A.; Ravi, S.; Thiruvenkatam, V.; Kirubakaran, S., Identification of selective inhibitors of Helicobacter pylori IMPDH as a targeted therapy for the infection. Scientific Reports 2019 , 9 (1), 190.
    7. Shaik, A.; Kirubakaran, S., “The evolving role of PIKK family kinase inhibitors for cancer therapy: new age cancer therapeutics. Frontiers in Bioscience 2019 . (Just accepted)
    8. Shaik, A.; Bhakuni, R.; Kirubakaran, S., Design, Synthesis, and Docking Studies of New Torin2 Analogs as Potential ATR/mTOR Kinase Inhibitors. Molecules 2018, 23 (5), 992.
    9. Angira, D.; Shaik, A.; Kirubakaran, S.; Thiruvenkatam, V., Exploring a solvated dimer of Gefitinib: a quantitative analysis. Acta Crystallographica Section C 2018, 74 (8), 944- 950. (* Equal contribution)
    10. Bhakuni, R.; Shaik, A.; Kirubakaran, S., Evaluation of Maltose Binding Protein-Tagged hATR Kinase Domain Catalytic Activity with p53 Ser-15 Phosphorylation. Biochemistry 2018, 57 (47), 6592-6603.
    11. Bhoir, S.; Shaik, A.; Thiruvenkatam, V.; Kirubakaran, S., High yield bacterial expression, purification and characterisation of bioactive Human Tousled-like Kinase 1B involved in cancer. Scientific Reports 2018, 8 (1), 4796.
    12. Shaik, A.; Kirubakaran, S.; Thiruvenkatam, V., Crystal structure and Hirshfeld surface analysis of ethyl 5-phenylisoxazole-3-carboxylate. Acta Crystallographica Section E 2017, 73 (4), 531-534.
    13. Hadianawala, M.; Shaik, A.; Hasija, N.; Vasu, A. K.; Datta, D. B., Sodium Cyanate Mediated Synthesis of Sulfonylurea and Sulfonyltriuret from Sulfonyl Chloride and Amine. ChemistrySelect 2016, 1 (10), 2212-2216.

  • Patents

    • Kirubakaran, Sivapriya; Thiruvenkatam, Vijay; Shaik, Althaf and Bhakuni, Rashmi, "Substituted 1,2-Dihydro-3h-Pyrazolo[4,3-C]Quinolin-3-One as ATR Kinase Inhibitors", Indian Patent Office, Patent Application No.: 201621026397, Aug. 2, 2016.
    • Kirubakaran, Sivapriya; Thiruvenkatam, Vijay; Juvale, Kapil; Singh, Vijay; “Purushothaman, Gayathri and Shaik, Althaf, "Pharmaceutical composition and process for preparing the same", Indian Patent Office, Patent Application No.: 201621024723, Jul. 19, 2016.
    • Kirubakaran, Sivapriya; Srimadhavi, Ravi; Althaf, Shaik and Sugata, Barui, “Pharmaceutical compound and process for preparing the same", Indian Patent Office, Patent Application No.: 201821039653, Oct. 19, 2018.
    • Kirubakaran, Sivapriya; Thiruvenkatam, Vijay; Hussain, Javeena; Althaf, Shaik and Bhoir, Siddhant; process for the preparation of N-substituted phenothiazine derivatives", Indian Patent Office, Patent Application No.: 201921054699, Dec. 31, 2019.