Jaichander Swaminathan


Jaichander Swaminathan

Kanchan and Harilal Doshi Chair Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

  • BTech: Indian Institute of Technology Madras, 2012
  • SM: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2014
  • PhD: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2017

Email: jaichander.s -AT- iitgn.ac.in

Website : https://iitgn.ac.in/khdc.htm

Office: 6/329A
VOIP: 2542

  • Selected Publications

    1. J. Swaminathan , E. W. Tow, R. L. Stover, J. H. Lienhard V, Effect of practical losses on the energy efficiency of batch seawater reverse osmosis, Desalination, 470:114097, 15 November 2019.
    2. T. Altmann, J. Robert, A.T. Bouma, J. Swaminathan , and J.H. Lienhard V, Primary Energy and Exergy of Desalination Technologies, Applied Energy, 252:113319, 15 October 2019.
    3. P. Yazgan-Birgi, M.I. Hassan Ali, J. Swaminathan , J.H. Lienhard V, H.A. Arafat, Computational fluid dynamics modeling for performance assessment of permeate gap membrane distillation, Journal of Membrane Science, 568:55–66, 15 Dec. 2018.
    4. H. W. Chung, J. Swaminathan , L. D. Banchik, and J. H. Lienhard V, Economic framework to relate net power density and levelized cost of electricity of pressure-retarded osmosis system, Desalination, 448:13–20, 15 Dec. 2018.
    5. J. Swaminathan and J.H. Lienhard V, Design and operation of membrane distillation with feed recirculation for high recovery brine concentration, Desalination, 445: 51–62, 1 Nov. 2018.
    6. E.W. Tow, D.M. Warsinger, J. Swaminathan , A.M. Trueworthy, G.P. Thiel, S.M. Zubair, A.S. Myerson, and J.H. Lienhard V, Comparison of fouling propensity between reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, and membrane distillation, Journal of Membrane Science, 556: 352-364, 15 June 2018.

  • Work Experience

    • Asst. Professor, Kanchan and Harilal Doshi Chair Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar, (Jul, 2018 - Present) (Chair from Mar. 2019)
    • Fellow and Post-Doctoral Associate Tata Center for Technology and Design, MIT, (Jun, 2015 - May, 2018)
    • Research Assistant Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (2012 – Jun, 2017)
    • Instructor G: Advanced Heat Transfer Massachusetts Institute of Technology,(Feb – May, 2016)
    • Undergraduate Researcher: Bio-heat transfer modeling IIT Madras (2011 – 2012)
    • Research Intern: Medical imaging data analysis University of Toronto (May – Jul, 2011)

  • Awards

    • International Desalination Association Fellowship, 2019
    • Winning Team ($25,000) in US BOR InnoCentive Challenge: More Water Less Concentrate, 2017
    • MIT Carl G. Sontheimer Prize (Creativity and Innovation in Design), 2017
    • MIT Tata Fellowship, 2015
    • MIT Deshpande Center Innovation Grant, 2015
    • Best Presenter Award, International Desalination Association World Congress, 2015
    • Best Poster Award, American Water Works Association Conference and Exposition, 2015
    • S.R.I Endowment prize for Best Inter-Disciplinary B.Tech Project, IIT Madras, 2012
    • CSS Merit Scholarship by Ministry for Human Resource Development, Govt. of India, 2009
    • Best Outgoing All-rounder Boy award, Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School, 2008
    • All India Rank 6 - Ramanujan Talent Test, Association of Mathematics Teachers of India, (AMTI), 2007
    • NTSE scholarship grant by National Council of Educational Research and Training, India, 2006-2012