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Lilavati Krishnan


Lilavati Krishnan

Guest Professor, Humanities & Social Sciences
Rtd. Professor, IIT Kanpur

  • BA: Indore University, 1967
  • MA: Jabalpur University, 1969
  • PhD: McMaster University, 1978

Email: lk@iitk.ac.in -AT- iitgn.ac.in

  • Work Experience

    • Professor, Department of HSS, IIT Kanpur, (Aug 1988 to June 2014)

  • Selected Publications

    1. Krishnan, L. (2013). Felt Deprivation/Advantage and Justiice/ Injustice among Indian subjects under unequal and equal reward allocations. Paper presented at the ISIS-Greece International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece. – June 13 to 15, 2013.

    2. Krishnan, L. (2012). Individual and Majority Action/ Inaction in Regret and Subsequent Action. Paper presented at the XXX International Congress of Psychology, Cape Town, South Africa- July 22- 27, 2012.

    3. Krishnan, L. (2011). Seniority as an allocation rule in reward allocation : An Indian study. Paper presented at the 9 th Biennial Conference of the Asian Association Social Psychology 2011 - in Invited Symposium on ‘Justice Concerns and Social Relations : Some Emerging Issues. Kunming, China, July 28 – 31, 2011.

    4. Krishnan, L. (2011). Regret in Indian samples: The Role of Majority/ Minority Information, Action/ Inaction, and Margin of Loss. Paper presented at the IACCP Regional Conference, Turkey, Istanbul – June 30-July 3, 2011.

    5. Krishnan, L. (2008). Action/Inaction, Near-miss and Consensus effects in Regret and Disappointment. Paper presented at the XXIX International Congress of Psychology, Berlin, Germany - July 24, 2008.