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Krishnamachar Prasad

Joining Soon

Krishnamachar Prasad

Visiting Professor, Electrical Engineering

  • BE: Bangalore University, Bangalore
  • ME: Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  • PhD: University of Western Australia, Australia

  • Selected Publications

    1. D.K. Nair, K. Prasad and T.T. Lie, Standalone Electric Vehicle Charging Station using an Isolated
      Bidirectional Converter with Snubber, Energy Storage, 2021:e255, (10 pages) DOI:10.1002/est2.255.

    2. Ning Ding, K. Prasad and T.T. Lie, Design of a Hybrid Energy Management System Using
      Designed Rule‐Based Control Strategy and Genetic Algorithm for the Series‐parallel Plug‐in
      Hybrid Electric Vehicle, International Journal of Energy Research, pp. 1‐18, 2020 DOI:

    3. Ning Ding, K. Prasad, T.T. Lie and J. Cui, State of charge estimation of a composite lithium‐based
      battery model based on an improved extended Kalman filter algorithm, Inventions, Vol. 4 , 66 (20
      pages), 2019 (doi:10.3390/inventions4040066).

    4. R. Kulkarni, K. Prasad, T.T. Lie, R.A. Badcock, C.W. Bumby and H.J. Sung, Design Improvisation
      for Reduced Harmonic Distortion in a Flux Pump Integrated HTS Generator, Energies, Vol. 10,
      1344 (14 pages), 2017.

    5. P. Balasubramanian and K. Prasad, Latency optimized asynchronous early output ripple carry
      adder based on delay‐insensitive dual‐rail data encoding, International Journal of Circuits, Signals
      and Signal Processing, Vol. 11, pp. 65‐74, 2017.

  • Work Experience

    • Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, AUT (2011 – present)

    • Professor and Head, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Associate Head, School of Engineering, AUT (2008 – 2010)

    • Associate Professor, School of Engineering, AUT & Program Leader, BE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) (2006 – 2007)

    • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (1992 – 2006)

    • Research Fellow, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia (1990 – 1992)

    • Tutor and Demonstrator, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, The University of Western Australia (1987‐1990)

    • Research Assistant, Department of Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore, Singapore (1983‐1987)