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Faculty Chairs


IIT Gandhinagar has setup a faculty chair through a donation by Mr Atul Jain, Chairman & CEO of TEOCO.

Atul Jain founded TEOCO Corporation in 1995 with the dream of building a successful business model, not just a successful business. His goal was to build a company that did not compromise its values. Prior to starting TEOCO Corporation,

Mr. Jain was with a Silicon Valley firm TIBCO for seven years. At TIBCO, Mr. Jain’s focus was to work with Fortune 500 clients to design and build state-of-the-art software solutions leveraging the company’s trademark TIB platform.

Mr Atul Jain

Mr Atul Jain is Chairman & CEO of TEOCO (‘The Employee Owned Company’) Corporation. TEOCO is a leading global organization providing cost, routing, revenue and network management solutions to top communications service providers worldwide.

Current Occupant

Dr. Nithin V. George
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering