Multipurpose XRD (MXRD)

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Rigaku SmartLab 9KW


●  Rotating Anode X-ray Source with 9 KW output power
●  Five axis Goniometer in vertical geometry (θ-θ mode) facilitating both out-of-plane as well as in-plane scattering geometry
●  2D Hybrid pixel semiconductor detector with a large active area, high resolution and high dynamic range (Supports 0D, 1D and 2D measurement modes)
●  Automatic and programmable rotary attenuator
●  Easily changeable different Optical configurations (Divergent, convergent or parallel beam) to suit various application modes
●  Capable of measuring several modules related to powder, thin film and Small Angle X-ray scattering modes
●  High temperature attachment (room temperature to 1100 °C) for thin films

Useful for

●  Phase identification, crystallite size and lattice parameter determination
●  Stress and texture estimation
●  Determination of film thickness, density, roughness and composition of thin films
●  Reciprocal space maps to access wide reciprocal lattice map in a short time spans


Dr. Rupak Banerjee (